Are You Making These 3 Common Mineral Makeup Mistakes?


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If you made the switch to mineral makeup, you understand there is an adjustment period. It really is a whole new ballgame when you’re used to applying non-mineral makeup!

If you just began or if you already wear mineral makeup and it’s not performing like you expected, chances are you may be making 3 very common mistakes.

Here’s how to fix them!

Mistake #1- Your Makeup Looks Powdery and Overdone

This is the most common issue women experience when they switch to mineral makeup, but it’s soooo easy to overcome! If your makeup does not have the natural finish you were expecting, ask yourself these questions:

a. Am I using a true, pure mineral makeup? Grab your foundation jar right now. There should only be 5-6 ingredients, tops! If the list is longer, your makeup most likely contains fillers like talc and cornstarch; ingredients that not only give you a “powdery” finish, but can also upset your skin. There’s nothing like the real deal.

b. Am I using too much? Remember, mineral makeup is build-able. Apply it in layers. You’ll be amazed at how a little mineral powder can go a long way! If you’re not getting the coverage you want after the first layer, continue with a second, using the same small amount. If your face looks like a chalkboard when you’re finished, you are using too much. That’s an easy fix. With a clean kabuki or large powder brush, swipe around your nose, brows, mouth, or anywhere the makeup is settling.

Mistake #2- Your Makeup Doesn’t Even Out Your Skin Tone

Any professional makeup artist will tell you, the right application brush is key to a perfect makeup finish! Whether you are looking for minimal or full coverage, it’s all in the bristles! Do you prefer a simple light dusting? You’ll need a fluffy kabuki brush. The wide bristles allow the makeup to apply evenly all over the face. If you want medium coverage, a mineral makeup application brush is the tool of choice! The span of the bristles are closer together and packs more product than the kabuki to give you the finish you’re looking for. Finally, a large hand buki or flat bronzer brush will be your best bet if you want full, complete coverage.

Mistake #3- Your Makeup Is Drying Out Your Skin

Because loose mineral makeup is applied dry, it can dry out the skin. The solution? No matter your skin type, ALWAYS apply moisturizer before your foundation. If you have oily skin and are concerned it will only add to the problem, consider switching to a light, oil-free or serum type. Exfoliating with a facial scrub or microderm abrasion cream twice a week is also recommended to remove dead skin cells and allow your new skin to emerge. Have extremely dry skin?  It’s ok to skip the finishing powder.

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