skincareWhen the seasons change, so do the needs of our skin.

During the winter, our skin can’t seem to get enough moisture, but, moisturizer is usually the farthest thing from our minds during the hot, humid summer. In fact, some think their skin doesn’t even need moisturizer this time of year.

But they’re wrong, and they end up starving their skin. Even worse, when you don’t moisturize, your skin knows it, then “moisturizes” for you by producing extra oil, which is the last thing you want. Am I right?

While our skin craves moisture all year round, it requires 2 different types of moisturizer to keep a healthy balance. A heavier moisturizer with extra emollients to fight dryness in the winter, and a lighter, less oily formula in the summer.

And, I hate to break it to you. If you’re already using moisturizer all year round, you could still be starving your skin.

Because along with feeding it moisture, you must also feed it vitamins and antioxidants.


Because as we age, our skin not only loses the ability to lock in moisture, it also stops producing collagen and elastin; 2 components that keep our skin looking young.

So how can we feed our skin vitamins?

They can be quickly and easily be absorbed through a serum like KmS Skin Essentials Advanced Time Rewind Facial Serum. And in the summer, this may be the only product you’ll need because it feeds your skin both moisture and vitamins which means 1 less product sitting on your counter.

Advanced Time Rewind is light and non-greasy so it’s perfect for summertime. But what you’ll really love is that it also fights sun damage, and brightens dull looking skin, and yes, even those pesky brown spots.

So, how do you you treat your skin differently when seasons change?