The Ultimate Makeup Brush Guide


Do you feel like you’ve never been able to master the perfect makeup application?

The good news is, it’s probably not you, it may be the brushes you’re not using.

Each individual makeup brush is custom designed to perform a particular makeup task. 

Shopping for brushes can be a little overwhelming, I know. But, keep this in mind: you don’t have to spend a ton of money on a good brush set and you don’t have to buy a set with more than 5 brushes. (Leave all that to the professional makeup artist.)

Today I’m going to share the Ultimate Makeup Brush Guide which explains the 5 must have brushes every girl needs in her collection.

#1- Finishing Powder Brush

A Finishing Powder Brush is large and fluffy. Its wide bristles quickly cover the entire face so you can set your makeup with just the right amount of powder. If you don’t own one, a large Kabuki Brush will do the same.

#2- Shadow Brush 

The perfect Eye Shadow Brush is large with tight bristles, making it super-easy to apply your shadow over the entire eyelid. A flat design works best as it limits shadow fallout as long as you apply by pressing and not swiping.

#3- Blending Brush

A Blending Brush is probably the most important brush in your collection. This blush “blurs” the harsh lines that appear when first applying your blush and bronzer so it appears to blend seamlessly. 

#4- Angled Blush Brush

This angled brush is my personal favorite because it is the closest thing to mistake-proof you can get. The unique, angled design helps apply the perfect amount of blush on your cheekbone which helps limit the amount of time you need to blend the color.

#5- Concealer Brush

A good concealer brush is about the size of a shadow brush. It’s bristles are super tight, allowing it to hold a heavier concentration of concealer at one time resulting in less time to get more coverage.

Do you have a “must-have” brush we didn’t list? Let’s get the conversation started by commenting below.


4 Ways That Guarantee The Best Mineral Makeup Coverage

There are many misconceptions about mineral makeup, but the biggest is it doesn’t cover very well.

I disagree.

It’s totally possible get great coverage, but here’s the thing. You must be committed to putting the time in, use the right tools to get it and most of all DONT RUSH.

Today, I’m going to share with you the 3 ways that guarantee the best mineral makeup coverage.

Be Realistic

You must accept you’ll never be able to throw on your foundation and go and get great coverage at the same time. There is no quick fix to looking like you have a great complexion. And if getting the best coverage is really important to you, you have to be committed to doing whatever it takes to get it.

Use the Real Deal

Mineral makeup isn’t all the same. About 80% of products marketed as “mineral makeup” is only mineral based. 

So, what’s the difference?

Real mineral makeup like KmS Mineral Essentials Loose Foundation contains 100% pure minerals, nothing less. True mineral makeup is build-able, meaning it can be applied in layers. The more layers, the better the coverage.

Untitled (2)

A pure mineral makeup is water and sweat resistant, so the coverage lasts all day and never fades into the skin.

Although a mineral based makeup contains minerals, it’s mostly made up of fillers like cornstarch and talc which only benefit is to fill the jar. You’ll typically find the minerals this makeup does have at the end of a very long ingredient list which means there is very little there.

Very little minerals means very poor coverage.

The fillers in a mineral based makeup make it impossible to layer and are what makes the makeup fade into the skin after wearing it just a few hours.

Add a couple of friends to your foundation

If you have quite a bit to cover to even out your complexion you may find foundation alone is not enough. One is the loneliest number after all, right? mineral foundation application brush

Just like our friends bring out the very best in us, a couple of friends for our foundation can do the very same.

A good concealer or corrector is the perfect BFF for your foundation because it can completely cover imperfections and neutralize any unnatural color to the skin from brown sun spots to the redness of blemishes.

Any makeup artist will tell you the key to the perfect foundation finish and coverage is all in the tools you use.

You’ll want to choose an Application Face Brush or Hand Buki instead of a regular Kabuki brush when applying your foundation. The bristles on both the application and hand buki brushes are very close together which can grab more foundation at one time allowing you to get better coverage quickly and easily.

Perfect these 2 techniques 

Earlier, you learned you can’t rush good coverage. The reason for this is because you’ll need to master a couple of techniques. It may sound a little complicated, but it’s really rather simple.

mineral makeup

When you apply your concealer don’t swipe or wipe it on, press or “dab” the brush directly on top of the area you want to cover. Why? Because when you wipe or swipe you’re actually thinning and removing the product at the same time you’re applying it. You’ll end up putting even more concealer on making the finish look anything but natural.

When you apply your concealer by pressing, the product stays put so you’ll use much less.

Finally, you’ll want to blend the concealer at the outer edge, not directly on top. No need for a brush, your ring finger is perfect for the job. You’ll know you’ve perfected your blend if your foundation finish looks even and natural looking.

So I want to hear from you. Do you agree or disagree? Let me know below and also share a couple of ways you get the best coverage with mineral makeup.


Your Next Breakout is in Your Bathroom…

brushesinbathroomBreakouts. We all get them from time to time, and by now you know there are steps you can take to prevent them, like regularly tossing old makeup from your makeup bag. 

The bad news is bacteria is still lurking in the bathroom, and I’m not taking about the toilet bowl.

Bacteria also lives in your makeup brushes and sponges, so it is important to clean them regularly to prevent contaminating not only your makeup, but also your skin. I know this may seem impossible, especially if you use your brushes daily.  But, consider the alternative, it will save you a trip to the Dermatologist office down the road. Besides, keeping an extra set of brushes handy will make this job a snap!

How to clean those brushes the right way

There’s been a debate as to whether or not to use a professional brush cleanser or a simple, mild soap. I don’t have anything against using a brush cleanser personally, but, the ingredients may be harsh to those with sensitive skin and problem skin conditions. Mild soap and water or even baby shampoo can do the job just as well, while being gentler on the skin and of course, the wallet.

Whichever method you choose, it’s very important not to rush the cleansing process. Gently, work the cleanser or soap into the brushes and rinse well, until the water runs clear. Squeeze the remaining water gently from the brushes, pat dry and and allow them to dry overnight on a clean towel. You can clean your non-disposable makeup sponges the same way.

A Final Note


There will come a day when your brushes won’t “bounce back” after cleaning them. When the bristles begin to look tangled and gnarly, it will be time to put them to rest and replace them.

What do you use to clean your makeup brushes and tools? Do you prefer store bought solution or your own? Please comment below. Did you enjoy this post? There’s much more where it came from! Enter your name and email below and get our Clear Skin updates sent to your inbox weekly. Register today and get a copy of my Toxic-Free Beauty Shopping Guide as my personal “thank you”!