What My Grandmother Taught Me About Skin Care

skin care bottleI remember the first time I invested in skin care products. It was at one of those at home makeup parties. I can’t remember the exact cost, but I do remember being on a “payment plan” because it was so much more than I could afford.

And I bought into the lie that great skin care costs a lot of money. Maybe you fell for that too?

I used the set I bought faithfully for about 3 weeks, and noticed my skin began to break out. I called the lady that sold it to me and she said I needed to keep using it, because my skin needed to get used to using all of the products. I listened to her, and then my skin broke out so bad, it had left permanent scars!

It was then I learned a hard lesson; that you don’t always “get what you pay for” when it comes to skin care products. I forgot all about my grandma, (who always had amazing looking skin by the way) who only used a bar of Ivory soap and water on her skin every day of her life.

So, what did she know that I didn’t?

My Grandmother taught me it’s not so much the products you use, it’s about being consistent when it comes to caring for your skin. She used Ivory soap twice a day every day for over 80 years without fail.

So, am I saying expensive products are just a waste of money?

Not at all!

I know women personally who spend a ridiculous amount of money on skin care and those that do not. Both are perfectly happy because what they use works for them, and at the end of the day, isn’t that what really matters? 

It might surprise you that I don’t always recommend KmS Skin Essentials products to my customers if they are happy with the results of whatever it is they use. I am a big believer of the phrase, “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.”

And this doesn’t mean I don’t believe in KmS Skin Care products. I truly do! I also know our products have created beautiful results for my customers.

The biggest thing to take away here is not every product works for everyone, regardless the price. What works for your sister might not work for you. And if you’re lucky enough to only spend $25 a month for your skincare, kudos to you if it gives your skin everything it needs to be healthy and happy.

I’d love to know. Are you happy with your skin care routine and the products you use? Tell me all about below in comments.





3 Ways to Stop Stressing Out Your Skin

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There are times when our skin seems to have a mind of its own!

You know what I’m talking about.

You think you know your skin well, when out of the blue, it decides to turn on you by breaking out, drying out; or just acting differently than it used to. Many times, it’s because we’re doing (or not) doing something to make it misbehave, or “stress out.

No worries, though! Today we’re going to talk about 3 ways to stop stressing out your skin!

Manage your stress

Stress is something we all go through. It’s a part of life, and although it begins in the mind, it can cause panic throughout our body; even our skin. Although we can’t stop stress, we can learn to better manage it.

What that looks like for you could be anything that puts you in a positive mood. From helping someone at the grocery store to paying for lunch for the person behind you in line. Paying it forward, and surrounding yourself with positive influences and spending time with people who support and love you are some of the best ways to manage your stress.

Get more sleep

You’ve probably heard this a hundred times! But, what you might not know is sleep isn’t just brain food for the mind. Sleep is especially important to our skin because it’s during that time our skin builds collagen, and works to repair itself. When we don’t get enough sleep, we interrupt that process. That’s why others can easily tell when we haven’t slept well; it’s literally written all over our face!

Stop the neglect

The 3rd way we stress out our skin is when we abuse, or neglect it. This usually happens out of pure laziness, and I’m a big offender!
My husband and I are part owners of a restaurant and bar, so many times I come home late. I’m so tired, I just want to change my clothes and jump into bed, so I usually end up washing my face and skipping the rest!
Here’s why that’s a problem.
When it comes to skincare, it’s not about how much you spend or the type of products you use that counts. The key is being consistent. 
So what can we do to keep that consistency? It’s about making it easy to stick with our routine.

For me, it’s about beating me at my own game! So, because I come home late 3-4 times a week, I set my products and towel right next to the sink before I leave. That way, I have less of an excuse to be lazy.

What else do we do that can stress out our skin? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below!


Facing The Challenge

One of the best things about being a first time Grandma is experiencing the wonder and joy in my Grandson’s eyes as he discovers the world.

And nothing warms my heart more than to watch my customers as they discover the clear skin they thought they’d never have after using our makeup and skin care. Oh the excitement! I just want to harness it so others could see the difference in their own skin.

Last year, that dream became reality with the Clear Skin Makeup Challenge.

Out of hundreds of entries, we sent a full-size makeup kit to 4 women battling problem skin. We asked they use all the products for 30 days and to share their experience with us and through social media. The results were truly remarkable!

Recently, I caught up with one of the ladies to ask if she would be interested in sharing her story with you too! Read her journey below.

“I applied for the Clear Skin Challenge after seeing an Instagram post about the opportunity on a Chronic Illness page. Before The Challenge, my skin was really irritated. I had acne and a mix of dry patches around my eyebrows, nose and mouth.

Up until that time, I settled on using Bare Minerals because I could never find anything that wouldn’t break out my skin any less.

After I found out I was chosen for The Clear Skin Makeup Challenge, my skin type and shade were evaluated and I took a before photo of my skin. A few days later my kit with KmS Mineral Essentials skin care and mineral makeup arrived!

I used all the products in the kit for 30 straight days, morning and night. It was an easy process, and I saw immediate results. My skin felt so smooth like never before, and within 6 days my skin was clear. Seriously, NO more acne or dry, irritated skin. 

Out of all the products, the Black African Cleanser impressed me. It helped lift all the bad stuff and balance my skin.

I’m still using all of the products now that The Challenge is over. Right now I’m going off hormones for medical reasons and I know I would have far worse skin if I wasn’t using the makeup and skin care from KmS. After the experience I had with the Clear Skin Challenge, I would definitely recommend KmS Mineral Essentials to anyone with problem skin.

Do you live with problem skin? We’re ready to run another Clear Skin Makeup Challenge soon and looking for real women with real problem skin. If you’re up for the challenge and think you’d be a great fit, send an email to clearskinmakeupchallenge@kmsmineralessentials.com and tell us why!




What You Need to Know About Cleanse Teas and Your Skin

A few weeks ago, I realized in the chaos of my life, my vacation date was under a month away.

I’ve been planning it for about a year, so you would think by now I’d be prepared.

Not so much.

Like every woman on earth does at some point, I vowed to shed 10 pounds before getting on that flight, and now, here we are, and I don’t think I’ve even lost one.

So much for that 2 piece bathing suit.

But, one night, after flipping through my Facebook Feed, there it was. Another ad for a Detox Cleansing Tea. I’ve read about them before, but it never occurred to me to give it a go.

This particular tea promised to rid bloating and muffin top in 2 weeks! I was desperate, so I went all in, even paying extra to get it here asap.

Don’t worry. I’m not going to give you a play-by-play! Let’s just say it did what it promised, and I noticed a significant change after just a couple of days.

But, I also noticed something else. My skin was so dry! It’s usually pretty dry in the winter, but this time my skin looked flaky, began to itch, and my face looked tired, and (gulp), older.

I was dehydrating!

Turns out I didn’t read all of the directions. I was so focused on results, I forgot to take care of myself. 

I missed the part where it said that I needed to be sure to drink 6-8 glasses of water every day during the cleanse to stay hydrated.

And this whole experience got me thinking.

There are those desperate for clear, healthy skin. They forget that their problem skin, like my extra 10 pounds didn’t happen overnight, but, just like me, they want results, and they want it fast.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to improve our skin, weight, or our lives. We just have to remember there are steps we need to take before we get to the top of the staircase.

And when we’re impatient and skip those steps, we must understand there are consequences that come along with that choice.

What choices have you made that affected your skin in a negative way? Share your story with me below.