Are You Committing These 4 Skin Sins?

24259C5000000578-2879409-image-a-1_1418923924331So, your skin is super sensitive. So much so that you’ve had to drastically change your lifestyle by watching closely what you eat. You’ve even changed the laundry soap you use and switched out your skincare products.

So why is your skin still sensitive?

You might be making it worse without even knowing it by committing these 4 skin sins.

Skin Sin #1- You’re Using Hot Water

There’s nothing more relaxing than a hot, steamy shower, right? But while this might relax your body and mind, it’s a big no-no for sensitive skin. Hot water can severely dehydrate your skin while the extreme temperature further irritates already sensitive skin.

Skin Sin #2- You’re Using Toxic Chemicals on Your Skin

80% of women with sensitive skin experience sensitivity when using skincare products that contain synthetic chemicals. Synthetics can be harsh, wreaking havoc on the skin.

Do your homework. Know what’s in your products.

Rule of thumb: if you can’t pronounce an ingredient, it’s most likely a synthetic and it’s best not to use it.

Sticking with makeup and skincare products that contain natural ingredients are less likely to cause sensitivity because natural ingredients in most cases are more gentle on your skin.

Skin Sin #3- You’re Not Changing Your Pillowcase Enough

Changing your pillowcase once a week keeps oil and debris from transferring from your pillowcase to your skin and back again. Regular transfer like this can build up on the pillowcase over time making it more likely to contaminate and cause more sensitivity to already sensitive skin.

Skin Sin #4- You’re Using a Washcloth

Washcloth’s work great for removing stubborn makeup, but if you have sensitive skin, be very aware of 2 things.

Washcloths can be very abrasive to sensitive skin, especially if you have the habit of scrubbing your face with it.

Washcloths also trap bacteria and oil deep within its fibers. Using the same washcloth more than once transfers the oil from yesterday to your skin today. If you must use one, grab a clean one every time.

How many sins above have you committed? Have you discovered another way we might make our own skin sensitive? Leave your comment below and let’s chat!


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