Getting The Most Out of Your Mineral Makeup


I love, love, love makeup products that multi-task!

Know what? Mineral makeup is one of them! Today we’re going to talk about getting the most out of your mineral makeup and saving a little counter space to boot!

Going Beyond Foundation

If you’re a makeup minimalist, you’ve probably looked into tinted moisturizer and BB Creams. These are great products, but, they limit you to very few shade choices.

If finding the right foundation shade has always been a challenge for you like it is for me, you’ll be thrilled to know how easy it is to make your own tinted moisturizer. It’s easier than you think! All you need to do is add 1/8 teaspoon of your loose mineral foundation to your favorite moisturizer. Prefer more coverage? Try adding a little more!

Three Products In One!  

When used in different ways, your loose mineral foundation can be used as a concealer and finishing powder. Using a concealer brush, apply your foundation by pressing the product right on top of your blemishes, brown spots or whatever it is you’d like to cover before, then follow by applying your foundation as you usually do.

Once you finish applying your foundation, take a large powder or kabuki brush and lightly dust your face with a very light layer of foundation, just as you would a finishing powder. And if it looks a little too chalky or powdery, swipe a clean kabuki brush over the entire face, especially around the areas where extra product likes to hide like around the nose, brows and ears.

One Stop Shop

If simplicity is your thing, you’ll love this next tip!

Why not try this the next time you enjoy a weekend getaway? Use your blush as a shadow! Pinks, corals and neutral colors work very well together, so using them as both a face color and shadow not only makes sense, it saves you time, space, and a little money too!

And lastly, don’t forget your favorite shadow can also double as a great eye liner. Prefer liquid liners? Kick up the intensity by adding a drop or two of water to your shadow and apply with a liner brush. 

Tell us how you multi-task with your mineral makeup in the comments below.


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