Dreaming of Clear Skin? Then Stop Doing This Now!


It’s no secret we all want amazing skin. But, did you ever stop to think that maybe, just maybe you might be standing in your own way while trying to get there? It’s true. You may be sabotaging the fate of your own skin without even knowing it. Here’s a list of “not so obvious” bad skin habits.

1. You’re using the same products your friends are using.

Sharing your favorite things with your friends is fine as long as it’s a pair of shoes or a cute jacket. But that new skin cream she’s using might not be your skin’s cup of tea. Just as each of us are unique in our own special way, so is the needs of our skin. To put it simply, her deep pore cleanser might be great for her oily skin, but it will certainly wreak havoc with your dry, parched skin by stripping it of it’s natural, essential oils.

2. You’re not changing your pillowcase often enough.

How often you change your bed sheets is between you and your bed, but as often as it may be, you need to swap your pillowcase at least twice as much. Why? Most of us sweat somewhat during the night, and when combined with the oil our skin produces during sleep, over time it can quickly clog the skin’s pores. 

3. You’re not cleaning your brushes regularly.

It doesn’t take much for bacteria and oil to build up on your makeup brushes and sponges. Cleaning them on a regular basis not only keeps your skin clear, it also prevents your makeup from becoming contaminated. Do you use your brushes daily and are afraid you’ll need one while it’s drying? Like you need to give yourself permission to buy an extra set! 

4. You haven’t cleaned out your makeup bag in like, over 2 years!

I used to have a hard time tossing out my old makeup. I think it’s maybe because I was taught not to be wasteful growing up. I got over that quickly when after recovering from an eye infection, it came back to visit when I used the same mascara that most likely caused the infection in the first place. So how do you know when it’s time to say goodbye? If you haven’t used it in months, if the consistency of the product is not at all what it should be, and lastly, if it has an odor that resembles a landfill, it’s time to break up!

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