The amount of makeup products on the market today is mind boggling, making it easy to completely confuse buyers.
And you can’t count on much direction from the lady at the makeup counter. She’ll tell you you need everything!

Of course we don’t need it all, but, there’s one product many women miss (myself included) because they think it’s a personal preference product.

It’s called facial primer.

So, what is it, and why do you need it? Primer is a foundation for your foundation and the rest of your makeup. Think of it like a home. Would you purchase a house if it had no or a damaged foundation?

Of course you wouldn’t! Because without a firm foundation the home would eventually crumble. The foundation holds everything else together.facial primer

Here’s why you need to add a primer to your makeup collection:

  • primer allows you foundation to go on much smoother
  • makes your makeup look like it was just applied even hours later
  • fills in fine lines, giving your skin a youthful appearance

Primers are available in gel and lotion and powder form and can be used with any type foundation.

To request a free sample of KmS Mineral Essentials Essential Natural or Prime Perfection Primer, send an email with your request to [email protected]

I want to hear from you and your experience with makeup primer. Share your story in comments below.