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Find Your Foundation Shade

At KmS Mineral Essentials, we’re committed to helping you find the right foundation shade. Ready to get started?

STEP 1. Determine your primary undertone

In natural light, take a good look at the underside of your wrist. What color do your veins seem to be? Blue veins indicate a cool, pink undertone.
Green veins indicate a warm, yellow undertone, and a combination of both blue and green indicate a neutral or olive undertone.

STEP 2. Determine your skintone

FAIR: Those with Fair complexions most often have pink undertones and burn in the sun rather easily.

Light: Those with Light complexions most often have neutral, yellow or golden undertones and may burn in the sun occasionally.

Olive: Those with Olive complexions most often have yellow and/or olive undertones and rarely burn in the sun.

Medium: Those with Medium complexions most often have neutral or yellow undertones and rarely if ever burn in the sun.

Tan: Those with Tan complexions most often have tan or brown undertones and do not burn in the sun.

Dark/Deep: Those with Dark or Deep complexions most often have caramel or brown undertones and do not burn in the sun.

Shade Chart for KmS loose and Select Botanical Foundations

Warm- Porcelain, Fairly Light, Golden Fairly Light, Light, Golden Medium, Golden Honey, Medium Tan, Hazelnut
Neutral- Light Beige, Medium, Medium Beige Neutral, Light Olive, Medium Olive, Pecan
Cool- Alabaster, Ivory, Fair, Medium Beige, Tan Beige, Amber

Shade Chart for BB Cream