At KmS Mineral Essentials, we’re committed to helping you find the right foundation shade. Ready to get started?

STEP 1. Determine your primary undertone

In natural light, take a good look at the underside of your wrist. What color do your veins seem to be? Blue veins indicate a cool, pink undertone.
Green veins indicate a warm, yellow undertone, and a combination of both blue and green indicate a neutral or olive undertone.

STEP 2. Determine your skintone

FAIR: Those with Fair complexions most often have pink undertones and burn in the sun rather easily.

Light: Those with Light complexions most often have neutral, yellow or golden undertones and may burn in the sun occasionally.

Olive: Those with Olive complexions most often have yellow and/or olive undertones and rarely burn in the sun.

Medium: Those with Medium complexions most often have neutral or yellow undertones and rarely if ever burn in the sun.

Tan: Those with Tan complexions most often have tan or brown undertones and do not burn in the sun.

Dark/Deep: Those with Dark or Deep complexions most often have caramel or brown undertones and do not burn in the sun.


Below is a foundation shade chart for all of our loose mineral foundations:

Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at 7.54.34 PM.png

Warm Shades- Porcelain, Fairly Light, Golden Fairly Light, Light, Golden Medium, Golden Honey, Medium Tan, Hazelnut
Neutral Shades- Light Beige, Medium, Medium Beige Neutral, Light Olive, Medium Olive, Pecan
Cool Shades- Alabaster, Ivory, Fair, Medium Beige, Tan Beige, Amber