I know! I can’t believe I’m showing you this, but, I had to, and honestly, it’s the only way to prove my skin is soooo not perfect!

Secret #1- Exposing the “Cover Up”

Whether you’re trying to cover under-eye circles, blemishes, redness or brown spots, your concealer is your best friend. With a lot of patience and the right tool, you’ll be a pro in no time! Pairing concealer and corrector with foundation not only covers imperfections, it evens your skin tone from ear to ear.

Here’s how I make that happen.

Using a concealer brush, I press KmS Mineral Essentials Vanish Concealer  (Rested works great too!) right on top of the brown patches you see on my face. You’ll want to “press”, not “brush” or “swipe”; which thins out the product. The yellow shade of this concealer cancels out the brown. Next, I use green based KmS Blemish Be Gone Corrector on the red areas of my face to neutralize the redness, and then follow with my foundation, which at the moment is KmS Mineral Essentials Perfecting BB Cream in Light. I love using a foundation sponge to apply my BB Cream. Just as with the concealer, I press the product over of my entire face using a damp blending sponge. (Using a sponge instead of a finger or brush gives your complexion a seamless finish that makes your complexion incredibly flawless.)

Secret #2- Distraction
There may be days when your blotchy skin and blemishes seem to “bleed” through your makeup. Instead of adding another layer of concealer, you can create a “distraction” by using a luminizer or highlighter on the very top of your cheekbones. A luminizer has light reflecting properties and deflects the eyes away from imperfections, giving you a fresh, dewy, youthful appearance.
Secret #3- A Perfect Finish
There’s nothing like a great finish, so I find it fitting the last secret I’m going to share with you is also the last makeup product (other than lipstick) you’ll apply before you’re out the door. I’ve really been digging KmS Mineral Essentials High Definition, or HD Powder. Have you tried it? Unlike regular finishing powder, a High Definition Powder slips on like a dream (it actually feels slippery), making it impossible to apply too much. And, if you’re camera shy like I am, you”ll be amazed at how much softer your skin appears in photographs. 

I know I threw a lot of information your way today. If you’re worried about how you’ll ever remember it, you’re gonna love today’s homework! It’s a Concealer Cheat Sheet with diagram that will help review everything you learned in today’s lesson. You can get it by scrolling down and clicking on the paper and pencil icon.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow when we discuss your quiz results and product recommendations.

I can’t wait!








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