I hope you enjoyed reading the 3 Surprising Acne Causes yesterday. Today, I want to share with you one of the BIGGEST mistakes women make when it comes to dealing with their acne. Maybe you’re making it too?

I’ll never forget the day I looked in the mirror a few years ago to see my skin was breaking out everywhere! (The last time this happened, I was in junior high). I quickly grabbed my makeup bag and reached for the concealer stick. After using about half of it (okay, I didn’t, but it felt like I did), I covered the concealer with my cream foundation. I could still see my pimples, and now my skin looked like an oil spill! What did I do next? You guessed it! I covered it with a finishing powder which made it look even worse!


What is the 1st thing you think about when you spot a break out? Hello! You want to cover it with makeup. I think this is a natural reflex for most of us, and the biggest mistake we can make for our skin! Sure, covering it up may hide it, but it’s still there. You see, when you just cover your acne, it’s like a band-aid. A band-aid by itself doesn’t help our skin heal, right? When we get a cut, we need to keep it clean every day, and not only that, we usually put some kind of antibiotic cream on it. If we don’t, it could get infected, and who wants that?

Bottom line here is that we need to care for our skin just like we care for our “boo boos”. Keep it clean, skip the facial scrub until it heals and if you must cover it, consider mineral makeup. Why? Pure mineral makeup contains a healing ingredient to help your skin heal fast while you conceal, so in this case, you can have your cake and eat it too! I promise, we will get into more of that in an upcoming update.

I am really looking forward to sharing the next update with you, when we’ll talk about the 1 Thing You Need Right Now (it’s not what you think!) to get on the road to happy, healthy, clear skin.

So, what did you think about this update? I would really love to know! Please leave your comment below. As always, if you know someone who might benefit from this update, feel free to pass it on.


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