Katherine B., Sun City, CA

I have absolutely LOVED KmS foundation for as long as I have used it. I don’t know what I would use if you stopped making it! For someone with super-sensitive skin, it is a MIRACLE. Thank you!

Mandy Blake, Spencer, NC

This foundation has been wonderful! Easy to apply, light to wear, and most of all, no worries with my skin!

Lori K., Altomonte Springs, FL

I have tried many mineral foundations trying to find the one and have been unsuccessful until now. What I really LOVE about this foundation is it does last all day, does not cause breakouts, and gives great coverage.

Joelle G., Ft. Myers, FL

Love the new super size flawless foundation! Wow! It lasts a long, long time. Totally worth the money and everyone comments on how my skin looks FLAWLESS. The makeup gives the illusion of balance. I love that it is lightweight. I have tried other brands, but either they were heavy or made me break out.