No Time For Concealer?

KmS Mineral Essentials Complete Cover Foundation

It seems everyone is in such a hurry these days. We’re always looking for ways to cut corners out of our day so we can spend time doing the things we love.

But  there are times when we can’t cut corners. There are some things we just can’t rush, especially when we want to get a complete, full coverage for our foundation.

Because in order to get full coverage, you have to use a concealer too, right?

But, what if you could get flawless, complete coverage with foundation alone? Imagine the time you’d save, not to mention the room in your makeup bag and the few extra dollars in your pocket!

Just when we thought our Flawless Mineral Foundation couldn’t get any better, we proved ourselves wrong by giving our customers a choice between our original and new Complete Cover option!

Each formula contains the same natural, gentle ingredients you’ve come to love from KmS Mineral Essentials. The difference? We’ve created Complete Cover with a built-in concealer so you can quickly and easily achieve a flawless, full coverage finish without having one more jar taking space!

So, I want to know. What steps do you take with your foundation to get full coverage? Let’s get the conversation started below!




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