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What if you could find a makeup both you and your skin love?

A makeup that covered your acne while its skin-loving ingredients worked to heal your angry looking skin?

Imagine wearing makeup that doesn’t irritate your skin and evens out your complexion without making you look overdone.

KmS Mineral Essentials Custom Blend Foundation is a made to order custom blend of 2 KmS Flawless Mineral Foundation shades of your choice. 

Our Flawless Mineral Foundation is the perfect solution for women with troubled skin. The all-natural ingredients soothe and heal irritated skin and improve its overall condition by preventing future breakouts. And a life with no more breakouts renews your confidence so you can finally claim the clear skin you’ve always dreamed of.

*Choose from Original Flawless, Complete Cover (for maximum coverage) and Ultimate Oil Control (contains an extra shot of Kaolin Clay for ultimate oil control) formulas. Available in Super (0.47 oz.), Mega (0.35 oz.), Mega Refill bag (0.35 oz.), and Jumbo Jar (1 oz.)

Flawless Mineral Foundation:

  • is created with 100% pure and natural minerals from the earth
  • is free of parabens, glutens, talc, fragrance, artificial colors, irritants and preservatives
  • contains built-in natural sun protection
  • is water resistant
  • provides incredible 12+ hour wear
  • looks completely natural, never “cakey

Find out why our customers voted our incredible foundation their #1 pick 3 years running:

“I was so glad when I found KmS Mineral Essentials. It is the only mineral foundation I can use. Any other brand I’ve tried has caused itchiness, acne breakouts, or something else! Plus no other brand has given me the coverage that I wanted without having oily break-through. I love this stuff!” ~ Charlene, Donofrio

“I have absolutely loved KmS foundation for as long as I have used it. I don’t know what I would use if you stopped making it! For someone with super sensitive skin, it is a miracle. Thank you!” ~ Katherine Barclay

What makes our makeup different than other foundations?

  • the skin-loving ingredients soothe irritated skin, allowing it to heal so you can finally get back to wearing makeup without worrying about future breakouts
  • flawlessly covers unevenness and redness, renewing your confidence so you are always “selfie-ready”
  • incredible oil-control formula can take the heat so your makeup stays put, even during your workout
  • provides unbeatable all-day wear that never fades which means you’ll make fewer trips to the powder room for touch-ups!

Unlike most mineral foundations, KmS Mineral Essentials Flawless Mineral Foundation doesn’t contain Bismuth, (a byproduct of refining lead) and other irritating ingredients, so you can be confident our makeup will agree with your sensitive skin.

As a customer of KmS Mineral Essentials, you’ll enjoy free one-on-one consultations for life, so you’ll never have to worry about being stuck with makeup you can’t use. We’ll work together to find custom products that meet the unique needs of your skin! Who else does that?

“Love the new super size flawless foundation! Wow! It lasts a long, long time. Totally worth the money and everyone comments on how my skin looks flawless. The makeup gives the illusion of balance. I love that it is lightweight. I have tried other brands, but either they were heavy or made me break out.” ~ Joelle Geiger

Remove the lid of your jar to expose the rotating or sealed sifter. If your sifter is sealed, poke 4-5 holes in the seal. If your sifter rotates, turn clockwise to expose as many holes as you wish to control the flow of the foundation. Tap a small amount of product onto the lid of your foundation or small  plate.

Press your application brush into the foundation and swirl it slightly, working the product deep within the brush. Lightly tap your brush on the side of the lid or plate to remove any excess product. Apply the foundation by brushing the product in an upward circular motion over the entire face. Continue this step until you get the coverage you want.

When finished, brush a clean Kabuki or Powder Brush over your face to remove any product that may have been left behind, especially the areas around the nose, brows, chin and ears.

Click here to watch our foundation application video!

*Always find yourself at the bottom of the jar? Never run out of your foundation when you choose our Always Full Autoship program. Get the details on the Autoship tab next to our ingredient list.

** SWITCHING FROM BARE MINERALS? We’ve created our version of their most popular shades making it easy to make the move!

Bare Minerals Light = KmS Light
Bare Minerals Fairly Light = KmS Golden Fairly Light
Bare Minerals Medium = KmS Medium Rose
Bare Minerals Medium Beige = KmS Medium Beige Neutral
Bare Minerals Golden Medium = KmS Golden Medium
Bare Minerals Golden Tan = KmS Golden Tan
Bare Minerals Medium Tan = KmS Medium Tan


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Original Flawless, Complete Coverage, Ultimate Oil Control

Choose Size

Super (0.47 oz.), Mega (0.35 oz.), Super Refill Bag (0.47 oz.), Mega Refill Bag (0.35 oz.), Jumbo Refill (1 oz.)

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Here’s How it works:

Autoship is currently available in our Mega (0.35 oz.) size jar. Looking for something larger? Contact us at and we’ll create an autoship in your choice size.

Choose from 1, 2 or 3 month shipping intervals below. *Don’t forget to mention your shade choice in comments when making payment.

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Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxide, Kaolin Clay.


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