Dual Ended Shape and Highlight Brush

Dual Ended Shape and Highlight Brush

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What it is: KmS Mineral Essentials new Dual Ended Shape and Highlight Brush

What it does: both ends work to help you effortlessly apply your blush or bronzer, and luminizer (without getting those shades mixed up!)

Here’s why you’ll love it:

  • Because it’s actually 2 brushes in 1, it saves you money

  • It saves space on your counter or makeup bag

  • It saves your sanity because it’s revolutionary design applies your blush, bronzer and luminzer exactly where you want it so you look like a professional did our makeup!

  • The bristles are synthetic so it’s super-easy to clean and you have the confidence no animals were harmed in making this brush

Made of Synthetic bristles. Size approximately 7.5″ when measured end to end. Sold elsewhere for $28

*Brush care recommendation: We recommend cleaning your brush with baby shampoo or mild soap and water. Rinse well. Blot dry with towel and lay flat to dry overnight.

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