Signature Blend Mineral Foundation

Signature Blend Mineral Foundation

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Ready to make the switch to an all-natural, gentle mineral makeup but don’t want to leave your favorite shade behind?

We get it, because it took us years to find our own perfect match!

With KmS Signature Blend Foundation, you can finally make the switch without having to start from square one, because we duplicate your foundation shade in our incredible, irritant-free foundation formula.

Here’s how it works:

  1. We send you a package with a sample jar and prepaid shipping label so you can send a sample of your foundation shade.

  2. We take your shade to the lab to dupe the shade.

  3. We send you a sample of our dupe for your approval

  4. Once you approve the shade, we’ll assign a recipe code to your foundation you can use to order your custom foundation

    *You’ve got nothing to lose with Signature Blend, because you don’t spend a dime until you are 100% satisfied with your shade match!

    READY TO GET STARTED? Send a message to and tell us the Brand name and shade of your foundation, and where we can ship your sample package.

    READY TO PLACE YOUR FIRST ORDER? Enter your recipe code in the box provided.

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