Intensive Mineral Veil

Intensive Mineral Veil

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KmS Mineral Essentials Intensive Finishing Veil is more than just a finishing powder, it’s a godsend for irritated and Acne ravaged skin.

Our latest finishing powder gives you all the benefits of a veil, along with the Acne fighting and soothing power of White Willow Bark Extract; a natural form of Salicylic Acid that greatly reduces inflammation of angry, irritated skin. For all skin types. 0.25 oz. and 0.35 oz.

In addition, KmS Mineral Essentials Intensive Finishing Veil:

  • stimulates the formation of new skin cells

  • clears pores so your skin can better breathe

  • evens the skin tone after regular use

  • is translucent, making it perfect for all skin shades

  • is the perfect compliment to our Intensive Mineral Night Treatment

To use: Lightly dust Intensive Finishing Veil over makeup. 

Tip: For extremely oily skin, apply underneath as well as over your makeup to maximize oil control. (0.25 oz.).

INGREDIENTS: Mica, Kaolin Clay, Iron Oxide, Salix Alba (White Willow Bark Extract).

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