You’re Over 40. Should You Stop Wearing Mineral Makeup?

Olive TreeYou’ve been wearing mineral makeup for years, but now you’re over 40, and wonder if it’s still the best choice for you and your skin.

It is. Here’s why.

Those that say you need to steer away from powder as you age are talking about traditional cosmetic powder, not mineral powder. And although they may look the same, they couldn’t be any more different! 

Traditional makeup powders that contain talc and cornstarch are heavy, and love to park in fine lines. And it’s chalk-like feel and finish makes you look years older. 100% mineral powder however weighs much less, and has a silk-like consistency which allows it to lay on top of fine lines instead of settling into them.

Bu,t as great as mineral makeup is, now that you’re over 40, you may find using a basic mineral makeup leaves your skin looking and feeling drier than it used to. That’s because as we age, our skin begins to loose its ability to retain moisture, which means we need to take extra measures to make sure our skin is properly moisture balanced. 

So, now what?

It’s time to consider making the switch to a formula like KmS Select Botanical, which was created to “lock in” moisture while botanical extracts nourish the skin, giving it a more youthful appearance.

But nourishing botanicals like Pomegranate and Olive Leaf, aren’t the only reason Select is a better choice for those of us over 40. Select also protects your skin from the damage of free radicals while boosting the skin’s cell production, resulting in a more youthful looking you!

I don’t know about you, but, I’ll take it! 

If you’re a mineral makeup wearer over 40, I’d love to know what changes (if any) you made to your skin care and makeup routine? Share your story in the comments below.



It’s Never Too Early, and Never Too Late

natural skincare

Growing up, I remember my Mom saying, “It’s never too early to learn a good habit.” (Lord knows I’ve never had a hard time learning bad ones.)

I really took what she said to heart when it came to skincare. I wasn’t much older than 15. I was using everything I could get my hands on; cleanser, toner, facial masks, moisturizers and even night/anti-aging cream.

I remember my older sister giving me a lot of crap about it back then. She would laugh and tell me how ridiculous I was for using those products at my age. She told me she wasn’t going to bother with any of it until she was older, and didn’t understand why I (who is 5 years younger) would even think about it.

Fast forward 30 some odd years later.

Now, I’m not a “proud” person. I’m not one to bask in the spotlight. But I have to admit, these days, when I meet people and the “age thing” comes up, they never guess my real age. They’re always off about 7-10 years, and yes, in the right (younger) direction.

So, is this because I used all of those products regularly throughout the years? Not at all. It’s not about using a particular product or brand as much as it’s about creating good skincare habits. Nothing more, nothing less. 

Recently, my sister confessed she never started her own routine, and wasn’t about to start now because she thought the damage had already been done.

And here’s the thing. There are so many others that feel the same way, and you know what? They couldn’t be more wrong!

Just like it’s never too early to begin a skincare habit, it’s never too late to begin.

While it’s true you might not be able to reverse the damage already done, you can prevent damage that can occur from this point forward by beginning today.

And, I’m not saying you need to fill your cabinet with all kinds of products. In fact, if you only use one product, make it moisturizer.

The reason why moisturizer is so crucial, is because our skin gradually loses it’s ability to retain moisture as we age. And because we’re made with 90% water, we need to replenish moisture as often as we can to restore the suppleness our skin used to have when we were young.

It’s this suppleness, what makes us look younger.

What do you think? Is there another product you feel is just as or more important than moisturizer? Please share your thoughts below.

And if you feel this article could benefit someone you know, feel free to share!