3 Beauty Fixes You Never Heard Of

Young woman applying lipstick looking at mirror

A few weeks back, I wrote a post called 5 Mineral Makeup Problems Solved. Since then, I’ve received requests to post more of these clever fixes. And today, I’m going to share a few of my favorites.

Some I’ve tried personally and some I haven’t; they were just so cool I knew you’d want to hear all about them!

Your lipstick shade is just, well, wrong

This has happened to me plenty. It’s my own fault. I choose a shade and fall in love with it, then I decide to try a different hair color and that same lipstick just doesn’t look right anymore.

I hate to waste money. That probably comes from the years when I struggled as a single mom. So, instead of throwing out the lipstick, I put it in a bag hoping I’ll love it again when I change my hair color once more.

Recently though, I’ve found another way to make good use of them.

To give you an example, I love pink lipsticks and I was trying out a new shade for our line. It looked great on the model of course, but on me, it looked looked anything but. It was the wrong shade of pink for my olive complexion. So, Instead of throwing it in that bag of mine I put it on over my favorite nude lipstick, and, whala! It’s the perfect blend.

This also works well if you have a lipstick that’s just a tad too dark. Go over it with another that’s about 1-2 shades lighter. 

You need to touch up your makeup and there’s not a mirror in sight

As much as I’m attached to my smartphone, (you too?) I feel rather silly that I never thought of this little tip before. If you take a lot of selfies, maybe you’ve already figured out you can use the phone on your camera (turn the view around first) to put on your lipstick and check your makeup.

You absolutely have no time to wash your hair and you’re out of dry shampoo

There’s nothing worse than bedhead, except for maybe bedhead with oily roots. Yikes! This one’s a snap. Grab your translucent mineral finishing powder. (What works to absorb excess oil in the skin does the same for oily hair.) Apply very little right on the roots of your hair, Give it 2 to 3 minutes to do it’s work, brush through and head out the door!

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