Can You Really Trust the BIG Makeup Brands? 5 Things you Should Know Before you Decide



You know them. You see them every day on TV, in magazines and when surfing the internet. Their names are recognizable world-wide, but does that mean you can trust them?

Big makeup brands have a few tricks up their sleeve to keep you coming back. Here are the top 5.

Money Talks
Big brands have loads of disposable cash. 90% of it is used to reel us in with visually stimulating television, internet and magazine ads.

Let’s put this in perspective.

As of January 2014, Glamour magazine began charging advertisers over $162,000 for a half page ad in one issue. If you think that’s a lot of dough, this will completely blow your mind. Over 75% of magazine ads cover the entire page costing advertisers a whopping $240,000 a pop. Yikes!

They’re Cheating You
With 90% spent on advertising, it doesn’t leave much for the product itself, does it? The majority of big makeup brands like to stretch their product so it goes farther by adding unnecessary ingredients and fillers like talc, cornstarch and methicone with the sole purpose of filling the jar. Some companies may even cheat you again by using double walled jars, making it look like you’re getting more product than you actually are.mascara-1041995-m

They’re Not Who They Say They Are
I find most big makeup companies to be rather shady when it comes to telling us who they really are.

Here’s an example.

The average cost of a tube of Loreal lipstick at Walgreens is $5.99. The woman at the Urban Decay display at Ulta tries to sell one for $22 while the woman around the corner at the Lancôme counter tells you hers is better at $30. Is one really that much better than the other? 

Nope. They are nearly identical to the other. Loreal owns them as well as other high end brands like Giorgio Armani, Shu Eumura and Yves St. Laurent. Surprised?

Claims on Their Packaging are Deceptive
Big brands use words like natural and organic rather loosely, and sadly, the FDA lets them get away with it because they only require 20% of an ingredient list be natural in order to say it’s a natural product.

It’s A Name Game
They play Word Association with us. When we think about cola we think of Coke. When we think of coffee, the first thing that comes to mind is Starbucks. When we think of a luxury car, we immediately think Lexus. These brands are not the only ones in their niche, but, because they are so highly advertised, we can’t help but to think of them first.

And all the big brands count on it. After all, to them, we’re just a number.

That’s one of the reasons I love working with small companies, because it’s all about you, not so much them. And the personal touch is something the big brands just can’t beat!

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