3 Ways to Stop Stressing Out Your Skin

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There are times when our skin seems to have a mind of its own!

You know what I’m talking about.

You think you know your skin well, when out of the blue, it decides to turn on you by breaking out, drying out; or just acting differently than it used to. Many times, it’s because we’re doing (or not) doing something to make it misbehave, or “stress out.

No worries, though! Today we’re going to talk about 3 ways to stop stressing out your skin!

Manage your stress

Stress is something we all go through. It’s a part of life, and although it begins in the mind, it can cause panic throughout our body; even our skin. Although we can’t stop stress, we can learn to better manage it.

What that looks like for you could be anything that puts you in a positive mood. From helping someone at the grocery store to paying for lunch for the person behind you in line. Paying it forward, and surrounding yourself with positive influences and spending time with people who support and love you are some of the best ways to manage your stress.

Get more sleep

You’ve probably heard this a hundred times! But, what you might not know is sleep isn’t just brain food for the mind. Sleep is especially important to our skin because it’s during that time our skin builds collagen, and works to repair itself. When we don’t get enough sleep, we interrupt that process. That’s why others can easily tell when we haven’t slept well; it’s literally written all over our face!

Stop the neglect

The 3rd way we stress out our skin is when we abuse, or neglect it. This usually happens out of pure laziness, and I’m a big offender!
My husband and I are part owners of a restaurant and bar, so many times I come home late. I’m so tired, I just want to change my clothes and jump into bed, so I usually end up washing my face and skipping the rest!
Here’s why that’s a problem.
When it comes to skincare, it’s not about how much you spend or the type of products you use that counts. The key is being consistent. 
So what can we do to keep that consistency? It’s about making it easy to stick with our routine.

For me, it’s about beating me at my own game! So, because I come home late 3-4 times a week, I set my products and towel right next to the sink before I leave. That way, I have less of an excuse to be lazy.

What else do we do that can stress out our skin? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below!


Your Next Breakout is in Your Bathroom…

brushesinbathroomBreakouts. We all get them from time to time, and by now you know there are steps you can take to prevent them, like regularly tossing old makeup from your makeup bag. 

The bad news is bacteria is still lurking in the bathroom, and I’m not taking about the toilet bowl.

Bacteria also lives in your makeup brushes and sponges, so it is important to clean them regularly to prevent contaminating not only your makeup, but also your skin. I know this may seem impossible, especially if you use your brushes daily.  But, consider the alternative, it will save you a trip to the Dermatologist office down the road. Besides, keeping an extra set of brushes handy will make this job a snap!

How to clean those brushes the right way

There’s been a debate as to whether or not to use a professional brush cleanser or a simple, mild soap. I don’t have anything against using a brush cleanser personally, but, the ingredients may be harsh to those with sensitive skin and problem skin conditions. Mild soap and water or even baby shampoo can do the job just as well, while being gentler on the skin and of course, the wallet.

Whichever method you choose, it’s very important not to rush the cleansing process. Gently, work the cleanser or soap into the brushes and rinse well, until the water runs clear. Squeeze the remaining water gently from the brushes, pat dry and and allow them to dry overnight on a clean towel. You can clean your non-disposable makeup sponges the same way.

A Final Note


There will come a day when your brushes won’t “bounce back” after cleaning them. When the bristles begin to look tangled and gnarly, it will be time to put them to rest and replace them.

What do you use to clean your makeup brushes and tools? Do you prefer store bought solution or your own? Please comment below. Did you enjoy this post? There’s much more where it came from! Enter your name and email below and get our Clear Skin updates sent to your inbox weekly. Register today and get a copy of my Toxic-Free Beauty Shopping Guide as my personal “thank you”!


How Makeup is Making Your Skin Worse and Why you Should Still Wear It.


Any Dermatologist will tell you the journey to clear skin begins when you allow your problem skin to heal first. This could mean a change in diet, skincare routine and even medication in some cases. Sounds easy enough, right? 

But while all these changes may be necessary, there’s still one thing more that must be done, and it’s the most difficult to do. And if you’ve read the title of this post, you may have already figured it out!

That’s right, don’t cake on the makeup! But hey, I get it. You know there’s no magic wand to get rid of it, so you figure the next best thing is to hide it. Truth is, you could be making your problem skin more of a problem by covering it up.

Your makeup could be making your skin worse!

Here’s the deal; In order for our skin to heal, we have to allow it to breathe, and unfortunately, that’s not possible with most of the makeup out there today. So what’s a girl to do? NOT wear makeup? Say it isn’t so?

It isn’t so (unless your skin is raw, irritated and weepy, in which case, skip it all together and reach out to your doctor.) Hey, I’m not saying don’t wear makeup. In fact, we really need it as it acts as a barrier, protecting our skin from the elements of dirt, debris and free radicals. The key is to use a natural skin loving makeup like KmS Mineral Essentials Flawless or Botanical Mineral Powders.

Why? makeup with unnecessary ingredients or fillers get in the way as your skin tries to heal. Be sure to study the product label closely. You’ll want to stay away from ingredients like talc, cornstarch and Bismuth Oxychloride; ingredients that clog pores and further irritate angry skin. Pure mineral makeup like KmS contains a high concentration of Zinc Oxide; a natural mineral with incredible healing and restorative properties. 

Now that you’ve got the right makeup, here’s a few tips to cover without looking overdone:

  1. Use “like” products. If you are using a powder foundation, use a powder concealer. If you are using a liquid foundation, use a liquid concealer, and so on.
  2. Press or dab (don’t brush) concealer on top of your blemishes, then blend. If the product is brushed on, you’ll wipe it back off when applying your foundation.
  3. Remember less is always best. Mineral makeup is build-able, meaning you can slowly continue to layer the product until you get the coverage you want.
  4. When you’ve finished applying your makeup, use a clean, fluffy brush to wipe away any extra product that may be hiding around your brows, ears, nose and chin.

So, I want to know. What works best for you when you have a break out? Share your tips and/or suggestions below. Like this article? There’s more where that came from! Get more just like it sent to your inbox weekly by signing up for my Clear Skin updates below!