The Ultimate Makeup Brush Guide


Do you feel like you’ve never been able to master the perfect makeup application?

The good news is, it’s probably not you, it may be the brushes you’re not using.

Each individual makeup brush is custom designed to perform a particular makeup task. 

Shopping for brushes can be a little overwhelming, I know. But, keep this in mind: you don’t have to spend a ton of money on a good brush set and you don’t have to buy a set with more than 5 brushes. (Leave all that to the professional makeup artist.)

Today I’m going to share the Ultimate Makeup Brush Guide which explains the 5 must have brushes every girl needs in her collection.

#1- Finishing Powder Brush

A Finishing Powder Brush is large and fluffy. Its wide bristles quickly cover the entire face so you can set your makeup with just the right amount of powder. If you don’t own one, a large Kabuki Brush will do the same.

#2- Shadow Brush 

The perfect Eye Shadow Brush is large with tight bristles, making it super-easy to apply your shadow over the entire eyelid. A flat design works best as it limits shadow fallout as long as you apply by pressing and not swiping.

#3- Blending Brush

A Blending Brush is probably the most important brush in your collection. This blush “blurs” the harsh lines that appear when first applying your blush and bronzer so it appears to blend seamlessly. 

#4- Angled Blush Brush

This angled brush is my personal favorite because it is the closest thing to mistake-proof you can get. The unique, angled design helps apply the perfect amount of blush on your cheekbone which helps limit the amount of time you need to blend the color.

#5- Concealer Brush

A good concealer brush is about the size of a shadow brush. It’s bristles are super tight, allowing it to hold a heavier concentration of concealer at one time resulting in less time to get more coverage.

Do you have a “must-have” brush we didn’t list? Let’s get the conversation started by commenting below.