5 Reasons Why Your Foundation Doesn’t Cover


There’s nothing more frustrating than a foundation that doesn’t give good coverage but, before you assume the foundation itself is to blame, consider the top 5 reasons why your foundation doesn’t cover as well as you expect.


Reason #1- You’re Using the Wrong Shade or Undertone

You’re probably wondering what using the wrong shade have to do with getting great foundation coverage? How about EVERYTHING!

Because when we wear a shade or undertone that’s all wrong for us, any discoloration like brown spots or redness we try to cover can end up bleeding through our foundation much darker than it would otherwise. So how can you be sure if the shade or undertone you’re wearing fits? Click here to find out now.

Reason #2- You’re Expecting Too Much From a Bargain Brand

I’m all for saving money, and seriously, these days, who isn’t? But, while you might save money by using a bargain brand of foundation, you’ll most likely be sacrificing coverage, because most of these products have very little pigment, and great coverage requires quite a bit of pigment. Bottom line here is when it comes to foundation, you almost always get what you pay for.

Reason #3- You’re Being Unrealistic

There’s nothing wrong with wanting flawless looking coverage in a makeup. But thinking your makeup finish will look runway perfect or magazine flawless is completely unrealistic. It’s actually impossible really, that is without filters and a little photoshop. 

I found it refreshing a few years ago when A Celebrity Makeup Artist friend of mine, Stephen Dimmick told me that while he could make someone look next to flawless (outside of a cover shoot), he doesn’t do it because perfection lacks the look of personal character, meaning every mole, every birthmark, every skin tone tells a story. And it’s these differences that make us who we truly are.

Reason #4- You’re Not Using the Right Tools

Great coverage has a lot to do with the tools you use to apply it. Tools can be a combination of fingers, sponges and brushes. Imagine what a painting would look like if the painter didn’t use tools to perfect his work. The finished product would look flat, lack character and texture, and the same goes for flawless looking coverage.

Reason #5- You’re not Using the Right Technique 

You can have the perfect foundation and the perfect tools, but both are useless without the “know how” or technique needed to get great coverage. And the surprising thing is, although it sounds involved, it’s really not Rocket Science. The right technique is as simple as applying your foundation one layer at a time, incorporating a little concealer where needed, and taking the time to blend your makeup. Believe it or not, bad coverage most often happens because we’re in too much of a rush.

Slow down, girl!

Do you have any tips on how to get the best foundation coverage? Tell me all about it in the comments below.

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Brighter Eyes in Seconds



The holidays are just around the corner, and it truly is the busiest times of year for women with all the shopping, school concerts, and yes, even that dreaded office party.

It’s at this time we want to feel and look our very best, praying our concealer holds up, because now we’re socializing more often, and it never fails; someone, somewhere is taking a picture, right?

With a ton of products out there, how do you know which one to choose?

What Are You Hiding?

Before this question can be answered, ask yourself what it is you need to cover.

A Real Eye Opener

I’ve found when consulting, the biggest concern for most women is under-eye shadows. These stubborn circles can be the result of lack of sleep, allergies, medication side effects and even heredity. No matter what brings them on, there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to hide them.

Because if we’re able to cover them, most often it looks overdone bringing more attention to them. Thank goodness for concealers that magically give the appearance of brighter eyes in seconds, like KmS Mineral Essentials Rested Concealer.

This amazing multi-use product can be used as an eye shadow base, a highlighter and a concealer. Rested not only covers dark circles, it magically brightens the eyes so you look like you got your 8 hours, even if you didn’t!

Less is so much more

The biggest mistake many women make when covering under eye circles is using too much cover up, fearing the shadows might “bleed” right through. There’s nothing wrong with “layering” products as long as you begin with very little, and blend, blend, blend.

Here’s how I do it:

I wait 5 minutes after cleansing and moisturizing before applying powder concealer. This prevents it from caking and looking heavy.

I apply concealer by lightly pressing my ring finger over the entire area I want to cover, then blend at the edges. I follow with foundation. If I notice my dark circles showing through, I’ll apply one more layer, making sure to blend and wipe away any extra powder. Then, I’ll lightly go over the entire area with finishing powder on my blending sponge to make it look smooth and even.

Super Tip: On days when I’m super-tired and my eyes could really use a pick-me-up, I’ll swipe a little Glo Get It Luminizer underneath my eyes to make them look 2 cups of coffee awake.

Do you struggle with dark circles? What tips do you have to hide them?


4 Ways That Guarantee The Best Mineral Makeup Coverage

There are many misconceptions about mineral makeup, but the biggest is it doesn’t cover very well.

I disagree.

It’s totally possible get great coverage, but here’s the thing. You must be committed to putting the time in, use the right tools to get it and most of all DONT RUSH.

Today, I’m going to share with you the 3 ways that guarantee the best mineral makeup coverage.

Be Realistic

You must accept you’ll never be able to throw on your foundation and go and get great coverage at the same time. There is no quick fix to looking like you have a great complexion. And if getting the best coverage is really important to you, you have to be committed to doing whatever it takes to get it.

Use the Real Deal

Mineral makeup isn’t all the same. About 80% of products marketed as “mineral makeup” is only mineral based. 

So, what’s the difference?

Real mineral makeup like KmS Mineral Essentials Loose Foundation contains 100% pure minerals, nothing less. True mineral makeup is build-able, meaning it can be applied in layers. The more layers, the better the coverage.

Untitled (2)

A pure mineral makeup is water and sweat resistant, so the coverage lasts all day and never fades into the skin.

Although a mineral based makeup contains minerals, it’s mostly made up of fillers like cornstarch and talc which only benefit is to fill the jar. You’ll typically find the minerals this makeup does have at the end of a very long ingredient list which means there is very little there.

Very little minerals means very poor coverage.

The fillers in a mineral based makeup make it impossible to layer and are what makes the makeup fade into the skin after wearing it just a few hours.

Add a couple of friends to your foundation

If you have quite a bit to cover to even out your complexion you may find foundation alone is not enough. One is the loneliest number after all, right? mineral foundation application brush

Just like our friends bring out the very best in us, a couple of friends for our foundation can do the very same.

A good concealer or corrector is the perfect BFF for your foundation because it can completely cover imperfections and neutralize any unnatural color to the skin from brown sun spots to the redness of blemishes.

Any makeup artist will tell you the key to the perfect foundation finish and coverage is all in the tools you use.

You’ll want to choose an Application Face Brush or Hand Buki instead of a regular Kabuki brush when applying your foundation. The bristles on both the application and hand buki brushes are very close together which can grab more foundation at one time allowing you to get better coverage quickly and easily.

Perfect these 2 techniques 

Earlier, you learned you can’t rush good coverage. The reason for this is because you’ll need to master a couple of techniques. It may sound a little complicated, but it’s really rather simple.

mineral makeup

When you apply your concealer don’t swipe or wipe it on, press or “dab” the brush directly on top of the area you want to cover. Why? Because when you wipe or swipe you’re actually thinning and removing the product at the same time you’re applying it. You’ll end up putting even more concealer on making the finish look anything but natural.

When you apply your concealer by pressing, the product stays put so you’ll use much less.

Finally, you’ll want to blend the concealer at the outer edge, not directly on top. No need for a brush, your ring finger is perfect for the job. You’ll know you’ve perfected your blend if your foundation finish looks even and natural looking.

So I want to hear from you. Do you agree or disagree? Let me know below and also share a couple of ways you get the best coverage with mineral makeup.


How to Erase Under Eye Circles Like a Pro

under eye concealer

Under-eye circles. Just like a bad boyfriend, they seem impossible to get rid of. 

And if you find a way to cover them, it can be very difficult to conceal them without looking overdone, or worse yet, looking much older than you are. Yikes!

The good news is, under eye circles can be managed when using the right product and technique to get the job done. Today we’re going to talk about the do’s
and don’ts when applying concealer to erase these pesky circles.

DO use a yellow based concealer such as KmS Mineral Essentials Rested Concealer. The yellow completely neutralizes dark circles.

DO take your time when applying your concealer. Nothing good ever comes from rushing.

DO apply concealer in the inner corner first before applying underneath the entire eye. It may be all you need to remove the shadow.

DO apply your eye makeup before your under eye concealer. This prevents shadow fallout that may land under the eyes making them appear darker.

DO try to stay with “like” products. For example, if you use powder foundation, use powder or cream-to-powder concealer, and if using a liquid foundation, use a cream or liquid concealer. Mixing powders with liquids and creams can easily make a mess not to mention accentuates any fine lines or wrinkles.

When applying concealer, DON’T wipe or swipe. Doing this wastes product because you end up removing more than you’re applying.

DO apply by pressing or “dabbing” concealer directly over the circles, then blend at the edges.

DON’T use too much concealer. Begin with very little. Believe it or not, less is more, especially if you need to apply more than one layer of makeup.

If you’re over the age of 40, DO use a clean ring finger instead of a brush to apply your concealer. Your ring finger is the weakest of your fingers which guarantees you’ll be using less.

DON’T forget to religiously use an eye cream with caffeine such as KmS Skin Essentials Java Eye Cream to reduce swelling that can sometimes cause dark circles.

DO get treated for your allergies (if you have them) and get plenty of rest which may prevent these nasty circles from rearing their ugly head in the first place. 

So how do you cover your circles? Please share below or post any questions you may have. Be sure to keep an eye out for a demonstration video on this topic in the weeks to come.