What My Grandmother Taught Me About Skin Care

skin care bottleI remember the first time I invested in skin care products. It was at one of those at home makeup parties. I can’t remember the exact cost, but I do remember being on a “payment plan” because it was so much more than I could afford.

And I bought into the lie that great skin care costs a lot of money. Maybe you fell for that too?

I used the set I bought faithfully for about 3 weeks, and noticed my skin began to break out. I called the lady that sold it to me and she said I needed to keep using it, because my skin needed to get used to using all of the products. I listened to her, and then my skin broke out so bad, it had left permanent scars!

It was then I learned a hard lesson; that you don’t always “get what you pay for” when it comes to skin care products. I forgot all about my grandma, (who always had amazing looking skin by the way) who only used a bar of Ivory soap and water on her skin every day of her life.

So, what did she know that I didn’t?

My Grandmother taught me it’s not so much the products you use, it’s about being consistent when it comes to caring for your skin. She used Ivory soap twice a day every day for over 80 years without fail.

So, am I saying expensive products are just a waste of money?

Not at all!

I know women personally who spend a ridiculous amount of money on skin care and those that do not. Both are perfectly happy because what they use works for them, and at the end of the day, isn’t that what really matters? 

It might surprise you that I don’t always recommend KmS Skin Essentials products to my customers if they are happy with the results of whatever it is they use. I am a big believer of the phrase, “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.”

And this doesn’t mean I don’t believe in KmS Skin Care products. I truly do! I also know our products have created beautiful results for my customers.

The biggest thing to take away here is not every product works for everyone, regardless the price. What works for your sister might not work for you. And if you’re lucky enough to only spend $25 a month for your skincare, kudos to you if it gives your skin everything it needs to be healthy and happy.

I’d love to know. Are you happy with your skin care routine and the products you use? Tell me all about below in comments.