The Biggest Mistake You Keep on Making

beautiful woman with curlers apply concealer on her mustache

Beauty mistakes. We all make them, and sometimes we’re multiple offenders (I know I am). Why?

As human beings, we’re creatures of habit. We can’t stop ourselves, really. But some habits are much better broken.

Here’s a good example.

You wake up one morning, head to the mirror and find a huge breakout staring back at you! What’s the first thing you want to do? Cover it up! 

Of course it’s best to leave it alone, but when you absolutely have to be somewhere, you want to keep it under wraps. So, here’s the problem. Breakouts don’t usually cover well if at all. But we try, don’t we? By putting on layer after layer of concealer, and now it not only looks worse, we just created another problem.

Our skin needs to breathe just like we do. When we “cover up” this much, we make that impossible, and just like a band-aid without an anti-biotic, it might be covered, but it won’t heal as quickly. Plus, most makeup out there is made of a lot of irritating ingredients which could become more of a problem for your already irritated skin.

One of the things I love about KmS Mineral Essentials loose mineral makeup is that it doesn’t just cover, our skin loving formula works to soothe and heal, so you not only look good, you’re doing something great for your skin too!

So the next time a breakout comes to visit and you just have to cover it, really think about what you’re going to cover it with. Sometimes it’s best to do nothing at all than to risk making a breakout much worse than it was when you first discovered it.

Have you made this mistake? What do you do when you notice a breakout? Do you leave it alone, or do you just have to cover it? Tell me all about it below!