How Makeup is Making Your Skin Worse and Why you Should Still Wear It.


Any Dermatologist will tell you the journey to clear skin begins when you allow your problem skin to heal first. This could mean a change in diet, skincare routine and even medication in some cases. Sounds easy enough, right? 

But while all these changes may be necessary, there’s still one thing more that must be done, and it’s the most difficult to do. And if you’ve read the title of this post, you may have already figured it out!

That’s right, don’t cake on the makeup! But hey, I get it. You know there’s no magic wand to get rid of it, so you figure the next best thing is to hide it. Truth is, you could be making your problem skin more of a problem by covering it up.

Your makeup could be making your skin worse!

Here’s the deal; In order for our skin to heal, we have to allow it to breathe, and unfortunately, that’s not possible with most of the makeup out there today. So what’s a girl to do? NOT wear makeup? Say it isn’t so?

It isn’t so (unless your skin is raw, irritated and weepy, in which case, skip it all together and reach out to your doctor.) Hey, I’m not saying don’t wear makeup. In fact, we really need it as it acts as a barrier, protecting our skin from the elements of dirt, debris and free radicals. The key is to use a natural skin loving makeup like KmS Mineral Essentials Flawless or Botanical Mineral Powders.

Why? makeup with unnecessary ingredients or fillers get in the way as your skin tries to heal. Be sure to study the product label closely. You’ll want to stay away from ingredients like talc, cornstarch and Bismuth Oxychloride; ingredients that clog pores and further irritate angry skin. Pure mineral makeup like KmS contains a high concentration of Zinc Oxide; a natural mineral with incredible healing and restorative properties. 

Now that you’ve got the right makeup, here’s a few tips to cover without looking overdone:

  1. Use “like” products. If you are using a powder foundation, use a powder concealer. If you are using a liquid foundation, use a liquid concealer, and so on.
  2. Press or dab (don’t brush) concealer on top of your blemishes, then blend. If the product is brushed on, you’ll wipe it back off when applying your foundation.
  3. Remember less is always best. Mineral makeup is build-able, meaning you can slowly continue to layer the product until you get the coverage you want.
  4. When you’ve finished applying your makeup, use a clean, fluffy brush to wipe away any extra product that may be hiding around your brows, ears, nose and chin.

So, I want to know. What works best for you when you have a break out? Share your tips and/or suggestions below. Like this article? There’s more where that came from! Get more just like it sent to your inbox weekly by signing up for my Clear Skin updates below!