5 Essential Products For The Bride

Bridal Makeup and KmS Mineral Essentials

June marks wedding season! Though makeup tastes vary from Bride to Bride, there are certain essentials every girl must have on her wedding day to make sure her makeup lasts longer than she does! Today, we’re going to talk about the 5 essential products for the bride other than waterproof mascara!

1. Primer

A makeup primer not only makes your foundation go on much easier, it minimizes the size of your pores and helps your makeup last longer than you do on your special day!

2. Water Resistant Foundation

Slightly different than waterproof foundation, a water-resistant foundation handles the heat and perspiration like a boss so you can be super-confident your makeup won’t “melt”, and looks just as fresh as it did when you first put it on.

3. HD Powder

A High Definition Finishing Powder is a camera’s (and your) BFF, because it creates a soft focus finish to your makeup; magically blurring fine lines for a flawless, radiant, complexion.

4. Highlighter/Luminizer

There’s something magical about a highlighter. When it’s strategically placed, it diffuses light, keeping the attention off of skin imperfections, making the skin appear dewey and fresh. 

5. Liquid to Matte Lipstick

The last thing a bride has time to do is reapply her lipstick throughout the day. That’s where a liquid to matte lipstick really comes in handy! Just apply 2 coats and you’re done.

No lipliner needed, so bleeding outside the lip line isn’t a problem. And the best part? It won’t transfer to the bride’s champagne glass or more importantly, her guests!

So, there you have it. 5 essential products for the bride. Did we miss anything? List it below in the comments.



Getting The Most Out of Your Mineral Makeup


I love, love, love makeup products that multi-task!

Know what? Mineral makeup is one of them! Today we’re going to talk about getting the most out of your mineral makeup and saving a little counter space to boot!

Going Beyond Foundation

If you’re a makeup minimalist, you’ve probably looked into tinted moisturizer and BB Creams. These are great products, but, they limit you to very few shade choices.

If finding the right foundation shade has always been a challenge for you like it is for me, you’ll be thrilled to know how easy it is to make your own tinted moisturizer. It’s easier than you think! All you need to do is add 1/8 teaspoon of your loose mineral foundation to your favorite moisturizer. Prefer more coverage? Try adding a little more!

Three Products In One!  

When used in different ways, your loose mineral foundation can be used as a concealer and finishing powder. Using a concealer brush, apply your foundation by pressing the product right on top of your blemishes, brown spots or whatever it is you’d like to cover before, then follow by applying your foundation as you usually do.

Once you finish applying your foundation, take a large powder or kabuki brush and lightly dust your face with a very light layer of foundation, just as you would a finishing powder. And if it looks a little too chalky or powdery, swipe a clean kabuki brush over the entire face, especially around the areas where extra product likes to hide like around the nose, brows and ears.

One Stop Shop

If simplicity is your thing, you’ll love this next tip!

Why not try this the next time you enjoy a weekend getaway? Use your blush as a shadow! Pinks, corals and neutral colors work very well together, so using them as both a face color and shadow not only makes sense, it saves you time, space, and a little money too!

And lastly, don’t forget your favorite shadow can also double as a great eye liner. Prefer liquid liners? Kick up the intensity by adding a drop or two of water to your shadow and apply with a liner brush. 

Tell us how you multi-task with your mineral makeup in the comments below.


How to Erase Under Eye Circles Like a Pro

under eye concealer

Under-eye circles. Just like a bad boyfriend, they seem impossible to get rid of. 

And if you find a way to cover them, it can be very difficult to conceal them without looking overdone, or worse yet, looking much older than you are. Yikes!

The good news is, under eye circles can be managed when using the right product and technique to get the job done. Today we’re going to talk about the do’s
and don’ts when applying concealer to erase these pesky circles.

DO use a yellow based concealer such as KmS Mineral Essentials Rested Concealer or Vanish Under Eye Concealer. The yellow completely neutralizes dark circles.

DO take your time when applying your concealer. Nothing good ever comes from rushing.

DO apply concealer in the inner corner first before applying underneath the entire eye. It may be all you need to remove the shadow.

DO apply your eye makeup before your under eye concealer. This prevents shadow fallout that may land under the eyes making them appear darker.

DO try to stay with “like” products. For example, if you use powder foundation, use powder or cream-to-powder concealer, and if using a liquid foundation, use a cream or liquid concealer. Mixing powders with liquids and creams can easily make a mess not to mention accentuates any fine lines or wrinkles.

When applying concealer, DON’T wipe or swipe. Doing this wastes product because you end up removing more than you’re applying.

DO apply by pressing or “dabbing” concealer directly over the circles, then blend at the edges.

DON’T use too much concealer. Begin with very little. Believe it or not, less is more, especially if you need to apply more than one layer of makeup.

If you’re over the age of 40, DO use a clean ring finger instead of a brush to apply your concealer. Your ring finger is the weakest of your fingers which guarantees you’ll be using less.

DON’T forget to religiously use an eye cream with caffeine such as KmS Skin Essentials Java Eye Cream to reduce swelling that can sometimes cause dark circles.

DO get treated for your allergies (if you have them) and get plenty of rest which may prevent these nasty circles from rearing their ugly head in the first place. 

So how do you cover your circles? Please share below or post any questions you may have. Be sure to keep an eye out for a demonstration video on this topic in the weeks to come. 




Your Top 10 KmS Mineral Essentials Questions Answered Part I

I’ve carried a real estate license since 2005. That surprises most people, maybe because I’ve never bought or sold a house in my life as a Realtor. The only reason I have it is because of my background in Property Management.

So, I just realized in order to keep my license, I have to complete 18 hours of continuing education. No big deal, right? The catch is, it has to be done by the end of October of THIS year.

I looked through my course options and soon realized I already knew the subject material on each topic, and this would be more like a refresher course. You’re probably wondering what this has to do with natural beauty? Nothing really, other than the fact I sometimes forget our customers need a refresher course on mineral makeup every now and again. And just like real estate rules can sometimes change when needs change, mineral makeup rules can change when our skin’s needs change.

In today’s post, I’m going to share 5 of the top 10 questions I get asked most from our customers. 

goddess bronzer kms mineral essentialsQUESTION 1- If loose mineral makeup is powder, Won’t it dry out my skin?

Because loose mineral makeup powder is applied dry, it can dry out the skin, which is why it’s important to always use a moisturizer first, no matter your skin type.

QUESTION 2- What’s the difference between a pure mineral makeup and a mineral based makeup?

Pure mineral makeup is made of 100% pure minerals; the only ingredients needed to create mineral makeup. Pure mineral makeup also has a very small list of ingredients. Mineral Based makeup contains many of the same minerals found in mineral makeup, but also includes “fillers” like cornstarch and talc that in a sense “dilutes” the makeup affecting its performance and many times causes irritation to the skin. Mineral based makeup contains a long list of ingredients and unfortunately outnumbers pure mineral makeup by 5 to 1.

QUESTION 3- How is KmS Mineral Essentials Mineral Makeup different than Bare Minerals?

Although our mineral makeup is just as pure as Bare Minerals, there are really 2 differences. Bare Minerals contains a mineral ingredient called Bismuth Oxychloride. While this ingredient doesn’t affect everyone, it does cause skin irritation to many women, even those without sensitive skin. Those women sensitive to this ingredient experience intense itching and sometimes burning skin.

KmS Mineral Makeup is a great alternative for those looking for mineral makeup without this ingredient. KmS also contains Kaolin Clay, a natural mineral with incredible oil absorbing properties which not only keeps oil at bay, but results in 12 hour wear that never fades into the skin.

kms mineral essentials mineral makeup

QUESTION 4  – Is Mineral Makeup waterproof?

Pure mineral makeup is water resistant, meaning it repels water and perspiration, and will stay put until it’s rubbed or washed off. Mineral based makeup may be resistant to a point, but will eventually appear to melt. The best way to test and see if your makeup is water resistant is to add a pinch of the makeup to a glass of water. If it lays on top, it’s resistant, and if it sinks, it’s not.

QUESTION 5- What is the shelf life for Mineral Makeup?

Pure mineral makeup has an unlimited shelf life if unopened. Once opened, it will cotinue to have an unlimited shelf life as long as moisture (water or perspirtaion) is not added and it isn’t continuously contaminated by an unclean brush.

So that’s the top 5! Check back next week for 5 more questions I find most often in my email.

Do you have any mineral makeup questions? Post them below, and if you enjoyed this article, there’s plenty more where this came from! Why not enjoy reading one just like it in your inbox every week? Register now for our Clear Skin Blog Updates below.