5 Ways to Perfect Your Pout

poutEver wonder why some women seem to have perfect lips? They look well conditioned and their lipstick always looks flawless. So, what’s the deal? Were they born with it?

You’re probably pretty good about keeping to a skincare routine, but you may be missing one very important part of it; caring for your lips! Doing the following consistently is the key to perfect your pout!


Lips are part of the skin, and just as we need to exfoliate our skin every few days to make way for the new skin cells, the same goes for our lips. A yummy, sugar lip scrub is perfect for the job because it not only removes dead skin from the lips, it also leaves them super smooth and completely moisturized.


You probably thought this would be #1 on the list, but, did you know it doesn’t do any good to moisturize if you don’t use a scrub first? It doesn’t matter what you spend or how many times you use a lip balm, if you don’t remove the dead skin first, the moisture won’t penetrate deep enough into the skin. 

Use a lip primer

Does your lip color seem to fade throughout the day? Do you feel like all you do is reapply? A lip primer does for your lips what your face primer does for your foundation. It makes sure your lipstick looks just as gorgeous hours after you first applied it!

Use a lip liner

Tracing the outline of your lips with lip liner or a highlighting pencil before and after applying your lip color keeps it from “bleeding” outside your lips.

Blot your lips

Most of us use more lipstick then we really need which leads to extra color settling in the corners of our mouth. By placing a tissue between your lips and pressing  your them together, any extra color will transfer to the tissue.

Do you have a tried and true tip for flawless lips? Share it with me below.