KmS Mineral Essentials Beauty Points Program

We couldn’t think of a better way to thank you for your loyalty to our brand until now.

We’re beyond thrilled to announce the launch of  the KmS Beauty Points program!

Here’s how it works:

For every $1 you spend at, you’ll earn 1 point, and the more points you collect, the more money you’ll save on your future purchases!

What’s more, you can easily earn Bonus Points by:

  • connecting with us on Social Media
  • referring a friend that becomes a customer
  • signing up for our special offers
  • reviewing our products
  • celebrating  your Birthday!

So, how do you start earning points?

Your Beauty Points begin accruing the moment you register an account. We’ll even get you started by giving you 25 Bonus Points just for registering!

If you’ve already registered an account at, you’re already earning them! You’ll be able to watch your Beauty Points balance grow right on your account dashboard!

How many points do you need before you can begin using them towards product purchases? For every 200 points you collect, you’ll earn $5! And the best part? Beauty Points never expire, so you can use them however and whenever you want!

Collecting your 1st 200 points is easy! Here’s a breakdown:

Average KmS Mineral Essentials order- $65 =  65 Points
Follow us on Facebook & Instagram-                100 Bonus Points
Review a product-                                                   20 Bonus Points
Sign up for KmS special offers                              25 Bonus Points

Total:                                                        210 Total Points

To find out how you can earn free products with KmS Beauty Points, click here