5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Mineral Makeup

UntitledSo, you think you know all there is to know about mineral makeup? Find out right now when I reveal 5 things that you probably never knew!

He Wore it First

This one is my favorite MMU fact! Ancient Egyptian men made black mineral maekup into a paste and wore it underneath their eyes to protect them from the desert sun. It wasn’t until much later Egyptian women created the makeup with a rainbow of colors to wear on their eyelids.

You Can Tell If It’s The Real Deal Without Reading the Ingredient List

Mineral makeup is not all the same. True mineral makeup was created with pure, simple ingredients and is 100% water resistant. While mineral based makeup contains actual minerals, it also contains fillers like talc and cornstarch that has no other benefit than to fill the jar full. So, what do you do to find out if your makeup is as pure as it gets? Put it to the test. Fill a small glass with water Take a pinch of makeup and drop it on top. If the makeup sits on top of the water without sinking, it’s pure. If some or all of it sinks to the bottom, it’s not.

The Coverage You Get Depends on Your Brush

One if the biggest misconceptions about mineral foundation is that it doesn’t cover. Makeup coverage has nothing to do with the makeup itself (unless it contains synthetic fillers), but has everything to do with what brush you use to apply it with. For example, a big, fluffy kabuki brush has bristles with a wide span. It works great as a finishing powder brush because it distributes the powder lightly and evenly over the face. The bristles of an application or “face brush” are closer together which allows the powder to pack tight within so the powder can be applied at a higher concentration.

It Was On The Market Earlier Than You Think

Many assume Mineral Makeup was first available for purchase in the 90’s when the big infomercials started airing. But, in fact it was launched by it’s creator, Diane Ranger, founder of Bare Escentuals.

Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should

One of the questions I get asked most is, “can you really sleep in it?” And, of course you can, and let’s be honest; most of us have once or twice. But to conciously sleep in it? I’ve always found it comical that any company would use this as its slogan. No wonder there are over thousands of women battling problem skin! 

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