5 Reasons Why Mineral Makeup Will Never Work



I’ve written many posts over the years about the benefits of mineral makeup and why more women should really consider it. But, it’s not the right choice for everyone. Here’s 5 reasons why:

1. You want a quickie (no, not that one!)

When working with a new customer, I always begin with the phrase, “mineral makeup is a process.” What I mean by that is it takes some getting used to. It may not seem as easy to apply (at least at first) as the the makeup you’ve been wearing for years. 

Like trying anything new or challenging, you’ve got to give yourself time to adjust to the change.

2. You think mineral makeup will totally dry out your skin

No matter your skin type, it’s really important to find the perfect moisture balance to your skin before applying mineral makeup. Because you apply loose mineral makeup dry, it’s possible to further dry out the skin if your skin isn’t properly moisturized. This means you need to stick to skincare products that treat the specific needs of your skin especially if it’s dry. Once you’ve found that regimen, you’ve found your balance.

3. You think mineral makeup doesn’t cover well

Part of the mineral makeup “process” is understanding what you need to do to get the foundation coverage you want. It’s not just the makeup itself, it’s the brush you use to apply it with.

There are many different types of brushes, and whichever one you choose will determine the amount of coverage you get. For example, if you want to get the best possible foundation coverage, you must use a flat or hand buki brush. The bristles of both of these brushes are designed closer together which packs the product tight for a more concentrated application.

4. You think all mineral makeup is the same

The biggest misconception about mineral makeup is they all contain the same ingredients. Truth be told, there are 2 types of mineral makeup; pure mineral and mineral based makeup. Pure mineral makeup most often contains 5-7 simple, natural ingredients and maybe 2-3 more if the formula includes botanicals. And although mineral based ingredients include some minerals, it also contains fillers like talc and cornstarch, which doesn’t benefit the skin in the least; it simply fills the jar.

5. You think mineral makeup won’t last as long as you do

This is true if you use mineral based makeup. It’s the fillers that allow the makeup to fade into the skin after a couple of hours. Pure mineral makeup on the other hand can definitely go the distance, even in humid weather and during your workout.

Did any of the reasons above keep you from giving mineral makeup another go? Get the conversation started by sharing your story below.