3 Reasons Why Women Stop Wearing Mineral Makeup


Face powderYou already know using mineral makeup is one of the very best things you could ever do for your skin. You’d think just about everyone would be on the bandwagon. 

But they’re not. Have you ever wondered why?

Because working with loose mineral powder can be challenging, especially because the application process is completely different from other foundations. They aren’t getting the finish they want, and it’s leaving them frustrated.

And the reality is they’re making common mistakes that could have easily been avoided. 

If they only knew!

Maybe you’ve found yourself in the same place. Maybe you’re not getting the flawless, natural look everyone else is getting with mineral makeup. 

If so, keep reading, because we’re going to cover 3 reasons why women stop wearing mineral makeup.

Reason #1- Your makeup looks like a powder puff exploded on your face

Relax. This happens to most women when they switch to mineral makeup, but it’s also the easiest to fix!

Ask yourself these 2 questions.

a. Am I using the real deal? Grab your foundation jar right now. There should only be between 5-6 simple ingredients (unless it’s a botanical blend). If the list is longer, your makeup is mineral based; it’s not a pure mineral makeup. Mineral based makeup is made with fillers like talc and cornstarch; ingredients that leave you looking like a powdery mess. Real mineral makeup has a creamy or silky consistency which never looks powdery.

b. Am I using too much? Mineral makeup is build-able, which means you begin with very little and apply it in layers until you get the coverage you want. Beginning with little nearly guarantees you’ll never use too much!

Mistake #2- Your makeup isn’t evening out your skin tone

Any professional makeup artist will tell you, using the right application bush is key to a perfect makeup finish. If you want to even out your skin tone, you’ll want the fullest foundation coverage possible, and you won’t get that with a fluffy kabuki brush! 

If full coverage is what you’re looking for, choose an application brush with tight bristles like a hand buki or flat top brush.

Mistake #3- Your foundation is drying out your skin

There’s nothing worse than dry, flaky skin poking through your foundation.

Loose mineral makeup is applied dry, so it can, and will dry out your skin if you don’t create the right moisture balance before putting on your makeup. This simply means you need to use the right moisturizer for your specific skin type.

And, because moisturizer has a hard time penetrating through layers of dry skin it’s important to exfoliate your skin regularly to remove dead skin before using moisturizer.

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5 Mineral Makeup Problems Solved!

makeup mishaps

It never fails. You’re running behind again. You have to make it out the door in 10 minutes and notice your makeup is messed up. 

But, is there really a way to fix them without having to start over?

Absolutely! And today, I’m going to share the top 5 mineral makeup problems solved!

Problem 1- Instead of looking flawless, you look like a hot powdery mess!
Solution: This one is probably the easiest problem solved! Powder loves to hang out around your nose, brows and hairline. With a large powder brush, swipe all around the face
(especially these areas) to pick up the excess powder.

Problem 2- Your foundation shade doesn’t look “right” anymore.
Solution: This usually  happens during the change of seasons when you don’t get as much sun, or when your lifestyle keeps you indoors more than out. Consider keeping 2 foundation shades handy one being slightly darker in shade than the other.

Problem 3- There’s more eye shadow on your face than on your eyes!
Solution: Shadow “fall out” happens when you apply a little too much eye shadow or when you quickly swipe your eyelids with your brush. Matte shadows are hard enough to remove, and if you’re using a shimmer shadow, forget about it! Consider applying your shadow before  instead of after you apply your foundation and face color.

Doing this will make it easier for the shadow to be removed without ruining the rest of your makeup. Also, when applying shadow, try “pressing” it on your lids instead of applying with a shadow brush.

Problem 4- You notice a mascara smudge after you finish applying your makeup.
Solution: Mascara tends to dry rather quickly, so be sure to keep q-tip handy when applying your makeup. Slightly dampen the tip and squeeze on it to remove excess water. Gently dab the q-tip over your mascara mistake until it disappears, then using the dry end of the tip, pat dry. You’ll want to make sure you press lightly to prevent from removing the rest of your makeup underneath your boo-boo.

Problem 5- You pressed too hard when trying to remove a mascara smudge, and now you’ve removed the makeup underneath too.
Solution: All may not be lost. You can do this. It’s not a quick fix, but it’s quicker than starting all over. Be sure the area is completely dry. Lightly dab your foundation over the area and carefully blend with your ring or pinky finger. (If you used concealer under your foundation, begin with that first). Let dry if using cream or liquid foundation, then use a clean, small brush and lightly swipe the area with your High Definition or Finishing Veil. 

We’ve all made beauty mistakes. Share your biggest with me below, and if you loved this article, you can get more just like it in your inbox weekly when you register for my free Clear Skin Beauty updates.