5 Essential Must-Have Products For Your Makeup Bag

Makeup EssentialsImagine dumping your entire makeup bag (or in my case drawer) on the floor and counting how many products are in it. 

Is it 10, 20, 50?

Do you find it frustrating to dig through it every day just to find what you’re looking for is at the very bottom of the pile? Have you ever asked yourself if you really need all of it?

I can answer that for you. You don’t. So, if you’re ready to simplify your bag (or drawer), read on, because today’s post talks about the 5 Must-Have Products For Your Makeup Bag. Consider it your “if I were on a desert island” list.

Product 1- Foundation

Not everyone wears foundation every day, so, why am I including it in this list?

Because it does so much more than even out your skin tone and provide a base for the rest of your makeup. 

It protects your skin.

Your foundation is a barrier between your bare skin and the dirt and debris in the air. It acts like a trap, keeping it from getting deep into your pores. A foundation with added SPF like KmS Mineral Essentials foundations can also protect your skin from the sun’s UVA and B rays.

Product 2- Lip Balm or Lipstick

Most of us remember to use moisturizer, but forget our lips. They need moisture too! Keeping them soft, supple and moisturized not only makes them feel better, it makes you look younger, and who doesn’t want that?

Product 3- Mascara

So, why not eye shadow or liner? Because both of these can make your lashes without mascara look nearly invisible. It’s the mascara that makes your eyes really “pop.”

Product 4- Blush or Bronzer 

Using blush or bronzer gives your cheeks just a “hint” of color and definition to the cheekbones.

Product 5- Blush Brush

No makeup bag is complete without the perfect blush brush! It’s designed to apply just the right amount of color exactly where you want it..

These 5 items are really all you need to look your best whether you’re at home or traveling away from home. (I just saved you some room in your bag and your suitcase).

So what do you think? Tell me your top 5 essential products below, along with the reason you chose them.