This Might Make You Toss Your Concealer Forever!


Before creating KmS Mineral Essentials, I believed as so many do that products with natural ingredients aren’t as effective as those that contain synthetic ingredients.

I’m happy to have since been proven wrong, and after my latest experience, couldn’t be more thrilled!

My biggest skin concern (until now) has been the dark brown spots on my face that came from sun damage and the Thyroid medication I’ve been taking over the past few years. These marks would easily bleed through my foundation even when I would layer my concealer. I was completely frustrated!

Then something pretty amazing happened. They gradually became lighter and now they’re nearly gone!

So, what changed?

A few month back, I changed the formulation of our Time Rewind Anti-Aging Serum, so women could have what I call a “one stop shop”; a complete serum in one. Little did I know it would change everything!

I then committed myself to using this new formula every single day for 3 months. I would have been happy enough to experience a 50% visible difference in the appearance of these ugly, brown spots. To my surprise however, it lightened these spots so much I found myself less concealer if I used it at all!

So, what ingredients did I add to make this a game changing serum? I added CoQ10, DMAE and Vitamin E; which together work to greatly reduce the appearance of dark spots and sun damage with continuous use. Honestly, I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it for my own eyes!

Are you covering your spots like I was for years? Are you spending big bucks on concealer to do it? Don’t just cover them, lighten them while preventing new ones from popping up with KmS Skin Essentials new Advanced Time Rewind Facial Serum. It just might make you want to toss your concealer!

For a limited time, I’m giving away free deluxe samples of this incredible serum. Get yours today by sending an email to and entering the words Free Time Rewind Sample in the subject line.

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