Concealer, Corrector and Primer. What are they? Do I really need them?

concealers and primers

The questions I get asked most often during a consult is, “What’s the difference between a concealer and corrector? What’s a primer? Are any of these products really necessary?”

I’m going to break it all down for you today, so grab a coffee, settle in, and keep reading!

What is concealer?

This one’s easy. A concealer conceals, or hides blemishes, under eye circles, pretty much anything you’d like to keep under wraps. It can be used alone, under or even over your foundation. When shopping for a concealer, you’ll want to choose a shade 1 to 2 shades lighter than your skin.

Concealers are available in liquid, cream, powder, and even stick form. Which form you choose is really personal preference, but, you may find it easier to blend with foundations of the same type. For example, powder concealer for powder foundation, liquid for liquid foundation, etc.. concealwheel

What is corrector?

A corrector is in the same family as concealer, but comes in shades of pink, green, blue, purple and  yellow, and instead of covering skin imperfections, it’s used to “correct” them. For example, you would use a green color corrector to neutralize any redness, yellow or peach to correct dark shadows from under eye circles and lavender to neutralize sallowness or yellowness. Correctors work best for uneven skintones from rosacea or sunspots, because unlike concealer, imperfections don’t “bleed” through.

What is primer?

Primer “primes” your skin for makeup. It minimizes pores, helps your foundation and shadow glide on effortlessly, and prevents your makeup from fading into your skin. Primer comes in liquid gel, cream or powder form.

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