I Hate Mineral Makeup

I have a confession to make, and it may surprise you.

I hate mineral makeup. I hate everything about it. It makes me absolutely crazy.

Let me explain while you get back in your chair.

It’s not that I hate the product itself, it’s the name.

Because when it comes to mineral makeup, the FDA never set a guideline, so any makeup brand can call their makeup “mineral” even if it only contains very few of them. Here’s why this is a HUGE problem.

Women buy mineral based makeup expecting it to perform like the real deal, get disappointed, and end up missing out on the amazing benefits real mineral makeup can give their skin. Why all the confusion?

How is mineral based makeup different than mineral makeup?

Unlike the real deal, mineral based makeup contains fillers, which is usually talc or cornstarch. The fillers purpose is to simply “fill” the jars. Companies that make this type of makeup use these ingredients because they’re inexpensive and easy to come by.

But here’s what really frustrates me. Fillers also clog the skin’s pores, which leads to acne and other skin reactions.

How can you tell if you’re using a pure based or mineral based mineral makeup?

Ingredients- The biggest tell is in the ingredient list. Typically, pure mineral makeup contains no more than 6 ingredients. The only exception is when natural botanicals are added.

Mineral based makeup usually contains a long list of ingredients; most of them hard to pronounce.

Texture- When you compare both of these side by side, you’ll notice pure mineral makeup feels silky soft while mineral based makeup feels somewhat chalky to the touch.

Performance- The purity in real mineral makeup is what gives it long wear-ability.  Mineral based makeup will fade into the skin after a couple of hours.

So here’s my question to you.

If you’ve tried mineral makeup in the but didn’t like it because it made you break out, it clogged your pores or faded into your skin, I’m betting it was mineral based.

I’d like to challenge you today to consider giving it a go once more by trying a pure mineral makeup. I want you to truly see mineral makeup for what it is; nature’s gift to our skin.