Is Your Makeup Drying Your Skin?

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So, you’ve been successfully wearing mineral makeup for years, but now you’ve hit 40, and it’s almost as if you’ve suddenly “outgrown” it. And lately your skin not only feels drier, it looks drier, and you faithfully use moisturizer.

So what gives?

As we age, our skin gradually loses moisture, so in order to keep it looking hydrated and younger, we have to do whatever we can to lock that moisture in.

Sometimes that means switching out our skincare products for a formula that better meets the needs of dry and aging skin.

But changing those products may not be enough. We need to take another look at the makeup we use.

Loose mineral makeup powders are great for normal, combination and oily skin, but it can make dry skin even drier unless you’re lucky enough to find a formula that was made for dry skin like KmS Mineral Essentials anti-aging Select Botanical makeup.

Select Botanical Foundation is a luxurious blend of pure mineral makeup, infused with 7 soothing botanicals. Our incredible formula hydrates and nourishes the skin with a combination of Green Tea, Rose Hip, and other natural botanical extracts that work together to create a moisture barrier or “lock”. Most importantly, Select jumpstarts Collagen production, which improves the appearance of tired, aging skin.

There are of course skin care “experts” that argue whether or not botanicals in makeup are as effective as they are in skin care.

Our customers seem to think so. And maybe it’s something you need to see for yourself. 

I want to know. What do you think about botanicals and skincare? Truth or hype? Share your thoughts below.


How to get Glowing, Happy Skin all year long!

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Summer might be long gone, but that doesn’t mean you have to lose the radiant, glowing skin that goes along with it! There’s a way to keep that glow all year long with some of our customer’s very favorite product picks!

Perfecting BB Cream

BB Cream isn’t just a summer product! While most prefer to wear Beauty Balm when it’s warm out, there are those, that notice it revives, dull, tired looking skin.

Perfecting BB Cream does it all by moisturizing, priming, perfecting and protecting your beautiful skin! This incredible product contains the genius, Brightening- Malvaceae Lipid Extract™, which promotes a radiant and healthy glow making your skin appear flawless and refreshed!

Advanced Time Rewind Facial Serum

This serum is one of my personal favorites, and teams DMAE, CoQ10 and Panthenol together to nourish dry, dull, dehydrated skin from the inside out while lifting and tightening sagging skin. The combination creates an incredible blend that not only fights aging and repairs sun damage, it also lightens and brightens your skin over time, creating that “yes, I just left the spa” glow.


If you ask me what one product I’d want with me if stranded on a desert island, this is definitely it; KmS Luminizer! This light, highlighting powder not only makes your skin look radiant, it gives your skin a more youthful, dewy appearance. Apply it on top of your cheekbones, down your nose and on your forehead.  

So there you have it. Four incredible products that help you “get the glow”. But don’t take my word for it. You’ve got to try them for yourself!  

Are there any products you use to get your glow on through the year? I’d love to hear all about it! Let’s get the conversation started in the comments below.


Do This Today to Prevent Wrinkles Tomorrow

Aging SkinWe’re all getting a little older each day. It is what it is. There’s nothing we can do about it. It’s completely out of our control.

Or is it?

While we can’t stop the aging process, there are things we can do to slow it down.

Today we’re going to talk about the things we can do today to prevent wrinkles tomorrow.

  1. Stay hydrated

As we age, our skin loses its ability to keep moisture, so it’s so very important we put it right back by drinking those 8 glasses of water a day you keep hearing about.

Think you already drink enough? If you ever find yourself feeling thirsty, you’re not. By then you’ve already become dehydrated.

2. Don’t Pull

Our skin becomes loose and begins to sag as we get older. This means we need to treat our skin with kid gloves; by using a gentle approach when washing or drying our face. We can easily do just that by gently wiping our face clean in a circular motion rather than scrubbing and pulling the skin downward.

3. Rest a little easier

Another way to treat our skin gently is to take note how we sleep at night. Sleeping on your back is best for your skin because you’re not laying on it.

But, if you’re at all like me; a die hard side sleeper, all isn’t lost. Laying on a silky pillowcase is the next best thing.

4. Fight no matter what

The biggest reason our skin ages so quickly is it’s exposure to pollution and free radicals in the environment. You can protect your skin by using skincare products that fight them. Here’s where it really pays to read ingredient labels!

Be sure your products contain a combination of anti-oxidants such as these:

  • Green Tea Extract
  • Coenzyme (CoQ10)
  • Acai Oil
  • Caffeine
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Alpha-hydroxy Acid

5. Use this every day

You probably already guessed sunscreen made the list. But, did you know sunscreen isn’t enough?

It’s not that you use it, it’s more how you use it that counts. Your sunscreen is most effective when:

  • it isn’t older than 1 year
  • you use the highest spf available
  • you reapply every 15 minutes when out in the sun for long periods of time
  • you reapply after getting out of the pool, lake or ocean
  • your product contains sun block which unlike sunscreen alone protects from both UVA and UVB rays

What do you do specifically to fight aging skin? Share your comments below.

Want a Breakout? Don’t Read This!

There are 3 things your skin craves twice daily no matter your skin type. It must be fed, cleansed, and moisturized.

And when you cleanse your skin, you actually feed it; giving it what it needs to stay healthy. Think of it as fertilizer. And when it comes to choosing a proper cleanser, don’t assume because you have oily/problematic skin you need to use a heavy duty, concentrated cleanser. These types of cleansers are harsh and can strip your skin of the moisture it so desperately needs!

Gentle, deep cleansers can be very effective, like KmS Skin Essentials African Black Soap Facial Wash. This incredible  all-natural cleanser contains Plantain Skin, Palm Leaves, Cocoa Powder and Kernel oil which work together to gently deep cleanse without robbing the skin of its essential oils.

And cleansing your skin means more than just using a cleanser. Part of the process includes toning the skin. It’s used immediately after cleansing to rid the skin of any oil, dirt or residue the cleanser may have left behind. Toner also balances the skins pH level, and prepares it for moisture.

You may have heard a toner isn’t necessary. I disagree, and here’s why.

In a way, our skin is like our dish and clothes washers. Think about it. Our dishwashers and washing machines each have a rinse cycle. Why? To make sure all of the food, dirt and remaining detergent is removed from our dishes and clothes! You wouldn’t dream of wearing clothes or eating off a dish that wasn’t rinsed first, right?

The same goes for our skin! Test this yourself by taking a close look at your cotton ball after cleansing and toning. You’ll notice a little residue and/or oil EVERY time. Your skin won’t be clean until your cotton ball looks clean and clear.

Toners and astringents that contain alcohol are a thing of the past. The perfect toner for those that suffer from problem skin contains natural, non-irritating ingredients.

The 3rd thing your skin craves is moisture. As we age, our skin gradually loses its ability to retain it. This moisture loss can eventually lead to dry, ruddy skin making us look much older than we are! We need to replenish our skin’s moisture to give it balance.

I know what those of you with oily skin are thinking: “My skin is already moisturized because of my oily skin! Moisturizing will only add to it!”


When you don’t moisturize, your skin will not get the right moisture balance, and will overcompensate by putting out more oil! If this happens, it can and will lead to clogged pores, blemishes, and related conditions. The point is, you need it, and your skin counts on you to not skip this important step!

Questions? Thoughts? I’d really love to hear from you! Please comment below and we’ll get the conversation started.