Must Have Products For Summer Radiant Skin

If you’re like most women, your beauty products cover most of your counter space. Do you ever ask yourself if you really need all of them? I might be able to help you with that, because today, I’m going to give you a peek into my bathroom and share my “must have” products for summer radiant skin.


I use 2 cleansers this time of year. In the morning, I use a Black African Soap Facial Wash.

Why it’s my must have: I really love how clean and super-soft my skin feels after using it, not to mention it keeps surprise breakouts from making a surprise appearance. The best part? I save space on the counter by keeping a bottle in the shower.

At night I use a home made oil cleanser made of olive, sweet almond and avocado oils.

Why it’s my must-have: It does an incredible job of removing all of my makeup and keeps my skin super-moisturized through the night.

Eye Cream

I use a caffeine infused eye cream.

Why it’s my must-have: An eye cream is designed for the delicate skin under our eyes, and the caffeine  in this cream helps prevent those lovely eye bags, making me look wide awake, even when I’m really not, which is  most of the time.


I’m really saving space with a moisture/firming/brightening cream. I am completely obsessed with this one!

Why it’s my must-have: Any product that saves me time and money is a winner in my book, how about you? I was hooked on this cream since day one! It’s a workaholic (just like me), because it moisturizes, brightens and firms my skin at the same time without feeling heavy or making my skin feel extra oily this time of year.


You can’t ever underestimate the power of a natural facial serum, and that’s exactly the way I feel about the one I use! 

Why it’s my must-have: It’s another multi-tasker and my super-favorite secret to younger looking skin. It feeds and nourishes, reduces the effects of sun damage, and brightens my skin, making it look healthy and years younger. It’s also a light moisturizer; a godsend during the hot and humid summer heat.

I showed you mine, now share your summer must have beauty products below, and tell me why you can’t live without them!