Our Customer’s Top 5 Multi-tasking Faves

We as women wear so many hats. Mother, teacher, nurse, accountant; you name it, we pretty much do it, right? The downside is all we do takes precious time, and the next thing you know, we’re out of it.

Maybe that’s why there are so many multi-tasking products in our line. These time savers are pretty amazing, and for a busy lady like yourself, a real godsend! Today I want to share with you our customer’s top 5 multi-tasking faves!


KmS Flawless Mineral Foundation

Our top selling product is so much more than a foundation. It works well as a finishing powder when applied with a large powder or kabuki brush, an incredible concealer when using a concealer brush and even a primer for those lucky enough to already have an even skin tone.


KmS Perfecting BB Cream

This product is one of my personal favorites, and a huge time saver when traveling in the summer. When the heat is on, the last thing you want to do is wear a heavy sunscreen and moisturizer under your foundation. Our BB Cream is not only a light coverage foundation, it’s also a sunscreen with an spf of 25, and moisturizer.



KmS Complexion Perfection Cream Foundation Quad 

In addition to being an incredible full-coverage foundation, our quad can also be used as a concealer, highlighter and contour cream.


mineral shadow/liner

KmS Eye Shadow/Liner

Used wet or dry, our eye shadows double as a rich eyeliner. So many shade choices, so many possibilities!



KmS Vanish Under-Eye Concealer

KmS Vanish Concealer not only neutralizes dark, under-eye circles, it also hides hard to cover sunspots and capillaries. 


Do you have a favorite multi-tasking product? How do you use it? Tell me all about it below, and if you liked this article, there’s plenty more where it came from.
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