Simple Vacation Makeup

vacation makeup

I love the summertime. With snow on the ground now, I know it will eventually get here.

My hubby and I live in a quiet, small town north of the city. It’s what you could call the “sticks”. We enjoy peaceful living most of the year, but come mid-May, the once empty lake homes become full, and the only traffic jam around here can be found on the lake.

It’s one of the reasons I choose to vacation in the winter or early spring.

Vacation is vacation, no matter when you choose to do it, right? It’s the time of year to reflect, relax, and recharge, and when you realize less really is more.

Makeup is the last thing I want to think about during vacation, and while I do wear it, I prefer to keep it super-simple, because wearing a full face of makeup is a lot of work, and work is something I promised to leave at the office.

And as I prepare for this year’s getaway in a couple of weeks, I’m making a list of what I really NEED right now, and thought I’d share it with you need a little help in what to pack. 

Simple Vacation Makeup. What Do Your Really Need?

When I think about which of my hundreds of products to pack, (it’s not really 100, but it could be pretty close), I ask myself what I really need, and then throw in a little extra for a special occasion.

This year, here’s what’s in my holiday makeup bag:

  • BB Cream  – This product is a must for me because it accomplishes 2 things; It evens out my ruddy skintone, and protects my skin with spf, saving me from having to apply a separate sunscreen.
  • Bronzer in Tahitian Bronze – I try to avoid the sun as much as possible, but a little bit of color on the cheeks, forehead and chin makes a great looking (and safe) tan.
  • Blush in Cozy – Sometimes I like a little pop of color with my bronzer. I love this shade because it is a bronzy mauve, and I can wear it as shadow too!
  • Eye Shadow – If I’m going out to dinner and want a little “pop” to my eyes, I bring a neutral shade with a bit of shimmer. My latest obsession is Romance.
  • Mascara – Because my bronzer and BB Cream can make my lashes look like they’ve completely disappeared, 1 coat brings my eyes back to life.
  • Lip Balm – Dry, cracked lips are no vacation. Plus, a great lip balm takes 10 years off your age? Yes, really.

Now, I want to know what your must-have products are when you head out on vacation? Get the conversation started by commenting below.


Why a Vacation Isn’t Always a Good Thing

weather and your skin
Tortola BVI


Hello from Tortola British Virgin Islands!
It’s our first time here, and our view is truly breathtaking. What a beautiful place to be on Valentine’s Day!

I find it so incredible that one day you can be walking in a mile high snowdrift just to wear shorts and a tank the next where the sun prefers to spend most of its time.

And, speaking of the sun, it’s hot here! I don’t mean summer hot, but, 1200 miles from the equator hot!

Now, don’t get me wrong. After spending the majority of the year in frigid, cold temperatures with limited sun exposure, there’s nothing I want more than to vacation in the Caribbean.

The last time we vacationed here, we lived in Florida, so it makes sense I didn’t notice the heat that much. But now that we live back in Michigan, the temperature extreme is seriously wreaking havoc on my skin.

Our skin isn’t fond of temperature changes this drastic. It gets confused going from cold to hot to cold again, not to mention the addition of the scorching Caribbean sun. Weather extremes, both hot and cold can also exacerbate some existing problem skin conditions, and even cause new ones.

So, what to do? Am I suggesting to never vacation from one extreme temperature to another?

Hell no!

Just be prepared (and don’t be surprised) with whatever your skin throws at you during this time. Keep your focus on doing whatever you must to protect your skin at all costs. 

The same sun that gives us a great outlook can still cause the most damage to your skin. Remember you’re given only 1 set of skin to wear your entire life. Keep it healthy by immediately treating sunburn with Aloe or Coconut Oil. And of course always use sunscreen and moisturizer no matter the weather.  

Listening to what your skin asks for and practicing good skincare habits will make it easier for your skin to adjust to whatever the weather brings.

What measures to you take to care for your skin in extreme temperatures?