Take a Peek in my Makeup Bag

mymakeupbagI was asked the other day if I use my own products. Of course I do! I would never be comfortable offering a product to a customer that I haven’t had the chance to try myself.

One of the perks of owning your own makeup line is you never, ever run out of makeup. That’s right. I’m living every girl’s dream!

Like you, I have my favorites. You know, the ones you just can’t live without. And today, I’m going to give you a peek inside my personal makeup bag as I share my top 5 KmS products with you!

The 1st product you’ll see is KmS Perfecting BB Cream. I use it all year round because I love how light it feels and how “fresh” my skin looks when I wear it. And living in Florida where the sun is out about 98% of the time, I don’t have to worry about wearing sunscreen underneath it, because SPF25 is built right in!

After I turned 40, I noticed my skin began to look dull and lifeless. That’s where the jar of Luminizer you see comes in.

I cannot tell you how much I love this stuff. I wear it on the top of my cheekbones. It has a slight sheen to it which makes my skin appear like it’s glowing in the light. I know I’ll never get the skin I had when in my 20’s, but, this product makes me look like I can, and since I began to wear it, no one can guess my age!

Next, you’ll see Bronzer. Some only use this in the summer, but because my skin get’s pretty pale in the winter, I use it all year. It brings a warmth to the face I can’t get with any other product. And on those days when I’m feeling makeup lazy, I use it as a shadow. 

The yellow looking pump bottle you see in the bag has been my moisturizer and anti-aging serum this past summer. Advanced Time Rewind has been my personal favorite for the past two years. Most anti-aging products I’ve used in the past made my skin feel oily, so I only applied it at night.

I can use Time Rewind morning and night because it magically gives my skin the perfect moisture balance without adding extra oil to my skin. It’s also fortified with DMAE, and antioxidant membrane stabilizer that keeps my skin smooth, firm and looking brighter than ever.

There’s nothing more frustrating than imperfections that “bleed through your makeup, especially those pesky brown spots. Know what I mean? That’s why i’ve saved my very favorite product for last!

Rested Concealer is seriously my knight in shining armor. Here’s why it’s so awesome. When I use a “regular” concealer over these spots, it doesn’t cover very well, especially when they are at their darkest in the summertime.  

The yellow hue in Rested completely neutralizes my brown spots, preventing them from peering through my foundation, while magically evening out my skin tone.

Now it’s your turn. Tell me all about your “must haves: below!






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