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A painter knows he or she can’t create their masterpiece without a proper canvas. Can you imagine spending all those hours perfecting your work while painting on a paper plate or napkin? Better yet, what kind of finish do you think that piece would have if you used dirty brushes?

A flawless work of art can only look its best when painted on a sturdy, clean canvas.


Think of your face as a canvas. You could spend a lot of money for the hottest makeup brand on the market, yet, it means nothing if your skin, which is the foundation for your makeup is not cared for. It’s time to take action with a skincare plan.

Just as the right action plan is key to a weight loss program, the same goes for creating a skincare routine. With that being said, you need to keep this in mind:


What may work for others may not work for you. You need to be sure you are using the products that meet the needs of your skin. Your skin is breaking out which can make finding the right products a challenge.


I challenge you to really consider natural skincare. Why? Because with all the products you have to choose from, the majority of skincare products contain toxic and unnecessary chemicals that can make your skin much worse. It’s just not worth it. Most natural products like KmS Skin Essentials is made from gentle, skin loving ingredients that soothe the skin, allowing it to heal more quickly.


Do you need help figuring out what products would be best for  your skin? What if you could discuss your options with a beauty expert; someone to help pair you with the product(s) that fit your needs best? You are going to LOVE this! KmS Mineral Essentials offers a free skincare and makeup consultation.

Are you ready for yours? To get started, you’ll need to take our brief Beauty Quiz. Click HERE to take the quiz. Once we get the chance to review your answers, we’ll be in touch.

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