The Best Things In Life Aren’t Always Pretty

african black soapI remember hearing about Black Soap some time ago, and was finally able to try it recently when I was given a sample. I must admit, the look, scent; the WHOLE presentation of it didn’t excite me. Then I tried it after noticing a breakout under my chin, and it forever changed what I knew or what I thought I knew about this amazing soap!

Black soap, aka Dudu Osum Soap originates in Africa, and is created with a blend of dried plantain skin, palm leaves, cocoa pod powder and kernel oil. This odd looking soap is known as a natural skin remedy for acne and oily skin but can be used on every skin type. Plantain skin contains a natural source of vitamins A, E and Iron, and is the major contributor to the effectiveness of this soap. The Cocoa Pod (the shell of the cocoa fruit) promotes healing of skin conditions like Eczema and Psoriasis.

I immediately knew we needed to add it to our skin care line and am pleased to announce the debut of KmS Skin Essentials Organic Black Soap Facial Wash! What I really love about this soap is it deeply cleanses without stripping the skin of essential oils, or leaving a sticky residue, and leaves your skin feeling clean, refreshed and oh so smooth from the very first time you try it! As with many of the products we offer, our Black Soap is a multi-use product. 

The Benefits:
* Can be used on all skin types, even dry, flaky, aging skin
* Improves the overall texture of the skin
* Promotes healing of Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis and relative skin conditions
* Significantly lightens sun spots and hyperpigmentation after continuous use
* Effortlessly removes facial makeup
* Multi-tasks as a body wash or shampoo
* Benefits against premature facial lines and wrinkles

I’ve learned 2 things after this amazing find. There is value in the simplest things and the best things in life aren’t always pretty!


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