Think You Know Your Skin Type? Find Out Now!


When consulting with a new client, the very first thing I do is determine whether or not her skincare routine is really benefiting her skin.

I want to make sure the products she uses are what her skin asks her for. Why is this so important? Proper skincare not only affects the condition of the skin, it can also dictate the type of makeup finish you’ll end up with.

Too often, women begin using the same products their friends use, or even worse, buy a heavily advertised product she sees on TV or in a beauty magazine because it “looks” like it might be good for her. So, how do you know you’re using the products your skin really needs? Put your cleanser to the test!

Step 1.- Cleanse your skin with cleanser only.

In order for this test to show the right results, it’s important to use your cleanser alone without following with a toner or astringent.

Step 2.- Listen to your skin.

Read a book, watch a movie, call a friend; engage in any type of activity where you know you won’t sweat for about 2 hours. Now, pay close attention to how your skin looks and feels. If your skin feels tight everywhere, your skin is dry. If your skin feels tight on your cheeks but looks oily on your T-zone (forehead, nose and chin), your skin is combination. Lastly, if your skin looks and feels oily, it’s because it is.

Now that you’ve got a handle on your skin type, focus on using products recommended for that particular type. And as the seasons change, you might find you need to modify your routine just a little, and that’s O.K.. The point is to really listen to what it is your skin is telling you. 

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