Your Top 4 Questions Answered

KmS Mineral Essentials Complete Cover Foundation

Every day I find an email or 2 from new customers with questions on our makeup line and mineral makeup in general. I’ve noticed lately the same questions have been asked, so I thought it might be a great idea to answer them in today’s blog post; Your Top 4 Questions Answered.

Mineral makeup has been around for years. How is KmS Mineral Essentials different?

You’re right! Mineral Makeup has been around a long time, and these days you’ll find many brands to choose from.

When you compare our brand of mineral makeup to others on the market, you’ll notice ours doesn’t include  ingredients that irritate the skin. It also feel silk-like, and doesn’t look “powdery” or overdone. Our customers have also told us our formula lasts throughout the day and doesn’t fade into the skin.

I want full coverage. Can I get that with mineral makeup?

That depends. You can get great coverage with mineral makeup if you use the right brush, and by applying it in layers. You won’t get the best coverage with a fluffy Kabuki brush for example, because the bristles are spread far apart making it hard to “buff” the makeup on to your skin.

The best brush to use would be a flat brush, or a rounded hand buki brush. The bristles on these brushes are tight, and hold more foundation deep within the brush for more of a concentrated application.

Mineral makeup is build-able, which means it can be applied one layer at a time. By starting with very little product and layering it, your coverage will be better and the finish won’t end up looking like a powdery mess.

Why does some mineral makeup come in different formulas? How do I know which one to use?

Each skin type is different, and may need different things. For instance, someone with dry skin would benefit by using a formula that nourishes and locks in moisture like KmS Mineral Essentials Select Botanical Foundation and Perfecting BB Cream.  Someone with oily skin would benefit by using a formula that absorbs extra oil.

Do I really need a finishing powder?

If your skin is combination or oily, and you find you need “touch ups” to cover the shine throughout the day, a finishing powder is perfect for you. If your skin is dry or normal, you don’t really need a finishing powder. It’s all about personal preference.

Do you have a mineral makeup question you need answered? Post it below and I’ll answer as soon as I can!



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