4 Ways to Use New Rosewater Revitalizing Toning Mist

How to use KmS Revitalizing Toning Mist
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Introducing your Summer must-have product! It’s a true multi-tasker, In today’s post, I’ll be telling you all about it as well as share the 4 ways to use new Rose Water Revitalizing Toning Mist!

What it is

We chose the best Organic Bulgarian Rose water as the base of our toning mist and infused it with the radiant properties of  Therapeutic Geranium Essential Oil. Our toning mist carries both antibacterial and anti-aging properties so our customers with all skin types can enjoy its skin benefits.

And because it can be used in many different ways, there is incredible value in this little bottle. Here are 4 ways to use this luxurious mist every day:

Use it as a facial toner

A toner is a significant part of the cleansing process because it balances your skin’s (natural acid) PH level. Keeping this level well balanced is key to the overall health and happiness of our skin. A facial toner also prepares your skin for moisturizer so it can readily drink it in.

Use it as a setting spray for your makeup

KmS Mineral Essentials toning mist also works beautifully as a natural setting spray for your makeup. Just 4 spray pumps over your finished makeup sets if for the day, giving you long lasting wear that looks just as fresh as when you first applied your makeup!

Use it as a refreshing pick-me up

Sometimes your skin can feel dry and parched during the summer, and it’s not always convenient to jump in the pool or lake. The next best thing? Keep our toning mist in your purse on those hot, humid days when you need a cool, refreshing pick-me-up!

Use it to refresh your hair

Our revitalizing mist also works beautiful for your hair in-between washings or when it feels a little dirty. A quick spritz at the root will keep your hair smelling beautiful while adding shine and keeping it manageable.

So I want to know. How do you use Rose Water in your beauty routine? Share your tips in the comments below!


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