What a Burger and a Makeup Kit Have in Common

Build a Kit Best of kmSThere’s one thing I love more than makeup, and that’s a makeup kit. Especially the ones that have everything you need to complete a look. 

But it never fails. There is always that one product in every kit (sometimes 2) you know you’ll never use, but you end up buying it anyway because you wanted everything else it came with. Sound at all familiar?

So, I’m guessing you’re probably wondering what the heck a burger has to do with makeup, right?

Not to date myself, but, I remember growing up hearing the slogan from Burger King, “Have it your way”. It was a BIG deal, because you could actually order a burger exactly the way you wanted it, unlike MacDonald’s, where you were stuck with whatever came on the burger. If you didn’t want onions, they’d leave them out. If you didn’t want mustard, your wish was their command. 

So, if you could “build” a burger, why couldn’t you build a kit? 

With KmS Mineral Essentials Build A Kit, you can!

Build A Kit is a 4 piece makeup kit where you choose from a list of the best makeup products KmS has to offer in the complexion, prime, cheek and eye category. And as our gift to you, we’ll throw in your choice shade of our new Hydra-Lip Gloss to complete your look!

I’d love for you to check it out and tell me what you think. Do you like the product options? Do you have any suggestions on how this kit could be even better? I look forward to reading your comment below.

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