Why A Great Skincare Routine is Not Enough


You finally got the perfect skin care routine down to a science, and  you vowed to stick to it without fail. You know beyond a shadow of a doubt the products you are using completely meet the needs of your skin. So why aren’t you seeing results after being so faithful? Why doesn’t your skin look any better?

I hate to break it to you

While a great skin care regimen is a major contributor to great skin, it alone is not enough. What you put on after you care for your skin is just as important. That’s right. Makeup. What’s in your makeup bag, anyway? Do you really know? Over the past 6 1/2 years KmS Mineral Essentials has been in business, I’ve consulted with many women suffering from problem skin who just don’t get it. They say things like “I don’t really care what’s in my makeup. I have been wearing it for years.” or “I am using a very expensive makeup brand, so I’m getting the best there is, right?”


I don’t care what brand you buy, or how much it costs. If it’s not working, it’s not working for you! Did you ever stop and think the makeup you use could be the very reason your skin is stressing in the first place? You don’t necessarily have to have skin allergies to have a particular ingredient wreak havoc. So, back to those ingredients. Grab your makeup. Look at the ingredient list. Do you recognize any of them? My guess is, probably not. The biggest frustration in the beauty industry for me is  that when it comes down to it, the big brands don’t really care about you, the consumer, it’s all about the almighty dollar. By putting inexpensive ingredients, preservatives and fillers into their product(s) they might save some coin, but also but the public at risk for allergic reactions, serious skin conditions and the like. They figure if the public recognizes the brand name, that will be good enough for them. Don’t let it be good enough for you.

So, am I saying all big brand makeup companies practice this type of behavior? Of course not. I do think we need to ask ourselves if it is really necessary to pollute our skin with toxic ingredients. For those of us with problem skin, it’s just asking for trouble.

Take it from someone who spent a lot of money on makeup and skin care that didn’t deliver has promised. Don’t allow yourself to be fooled by cosmetic advertising like I was. More money and more ingredients does not necessarily mean better results.



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