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Clear Skin Beauty Magazine October

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to work on a magazine. To create the layout and design, to pick the featured articles. I’ve even played around with the idea of one day creating a mini magazine to compliment KmS Mineral Essentials.

So I found myself with a little extra time a couple of weeks ago (that never happens), explored my creative side and designed a rough draft of Clear Beauty Online Magazine. September’s issue was just released! I’ve gotten some great feedback on it so far. I think I might be on to something, and I think you just might like it better than the blog. Here’s why:

Every month’s online issue includes:

  • Featured blog article
  • KmS Mineral Essentials Product Spotlight
  • Fun, easy, do-it-yourself home-made skincare recipes
  • Get the Look! featuring KmS Mineral Essentials Makeup
  • Exclusive special subscriber only offer

and so much more!

The best part? You can help edit our magazine so we’re sure to bring you exactly what you want every month!

Click here to view our very 1st issue, and if you like what you see, you can subscribe here.

So, I’d like to know! What would you like to see us feature in next month’s magazine? Comment below, and if we take you up on your suggestion, we’ll send you a $25 KmS Mineral Essentials Gift Card!

2 thoughts on “Why You Just Might Like it Better

  1. Kristi, What a great idea! Glad you had some spare time to think of starting this. I did not know you all had brow makeup and will be ordering some from you all now! Also, thank you so very much for the $10 off coupon. I own a small business(classic car parts) so I know how important it is to get good recommendations and have loyal customers!
    Kim K in the Dallas Inferno!

    1. I’m glad you like it Kim. I am really excited about next month’s issue. It’s almost done!
      The coupon was my pleasure. I really appreciate your hanging in with me all these years. It means so much!

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